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Winston, Wong, PharmD
President, W-Squared Group

White House To Announce Big Push For Cancer Blood Tests

(Forbes) Oct 17, 2016 - The White House, as part of the Cancer Moonshot effort being run by Vice President Joe Biden, is announcing a major push to develop blood tests that can detect and monitor cancer, that aims to unite makers of diagnostic tests, drugs, and other cancer-related products.

Commentary: While there is place for the various genetic profiling for detecting, monitoring, and riveting treatment decisions,...

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Merck’s KEYNOTE-045 Studying KEYTRUDA® (pembrolizumab) in Advanced Bladder Cancer (Urothelial Cancer) Meets Primary Endpoint and Stops Early

(Merck) Oct 21, 2016 - Merck, known as MSD outside the United States and Canada, today announced that the phase 3 KEYNOTE-045 trial investigating the use of KEYTRUDA® (pembrolizumab), the company’s anti-PD-1 therapy, in patients with previously treated advanced urothelial cancer, met the primary endpoint of overall survival (OS).
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Amgen Announces Positive Top-Line Results From XGEVA® (Denosumab) Phase 3 Trial For Delay Of Bone Complications In Multiple Myeloma Patients

(TheStreet) Oct 20, 2016 - Study met primary endpoint of non-inferiority versus zoledronic acid in delaying bone complications known as skeletal-related events.
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Sanders Seeks Ariad Data On Cancer Drug Price Hikes

(STAT/Pharmalot blog) Oct 20, 2016 - Call it Bernie Sanders vs. Ariad Pharmaceuticals, Act Two.
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News Story Commentary By Academic and Community Oncologists

White House To Announce Big Push For Cancer Blood Tests (Forbes)

While there is place for the various genetic profiling for detecting, monitoring, and riveting treatment decisions,...posted by: Winston, Wong, PharmD

New Report Questions Value of Mammograms (NBC News)

Based upon the fact that Breast cancer is the #1 killer of women, wouldn't it be more prudent to over diagnosis...posted by: Winston, Wong, PharmD

Doctors Grapple With Best Use Of Potent New Cancer Drugs (Reuters)

This is a great example for those who are opposed to the use of clinical pathways in driving treatment decisions....posted by: Winston, Wong, PharmD

FDA Approves Genentech’s Cancer Immunotherapy Tecentriq® (Atezolizumab) for People with a Specific Type of Metastatic Lung Cancer (Genentech)

Though it's the third immunotherapy entrant into the 2nd line space for advanced NSCLC, it's the first that is...posted by: H. Jack, West, MD

Atezolizumab: First PD-L1 Inhibitor for Second-Line NSCLC (Medscape Medical News)

There have been remarkably minimal clinical distinctions between PD-1 and PD-L1 inhibitors clinically. It would...posted by: H. Jack, West, MD

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