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Dean Gesme, MD
FACP FACPE FASCO President, Minnesota Oncology

Sen. Ted Cruz Wants To Change The Way The FDA Approves Drugs

(Forbes) Feb 3, 2016 - Giving Congress the right to overrule FDA approval decisions would make the process more political than scientific.

Commentary: All I can say is "Political Hubris" beyond measure!

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Phase 3 Study of BLINCYTO® (Blinatumomab) Met Primary Endpoint Of Overall Survival In Patients With B-Cell Precursor Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

(Amgen) Feb 4, 2016 - Amgen today announced that the results of a prespecified interim analysis showed that the primary endpoint of improved overall survival was met in the Phase 3 TOWER study.
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NIH Researchers Identify Striking Genomic Signature Shared By Five Types Of Cancer

(NIH) Feb 5, 2015 - National Institutes of Health researchers have identified a striking signature in tumor DNA that occurs in five different types of cancer. They also found evidence that this methylation signature may be present in many more types of cancer.
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News Story Commentary By Academic and Community Oncologists

Sen. Ted Cruz Wants To Change The Way The FDA Approves Drugs (Forbes)

All I can say is "Political Hubris" beyond measure!posted by: Dean Gesme, MD

TV Ads for Lung Cancer Drug Are Needed, Says BMS (Medscape Medical News)

At the risk of offending my friends in the pharmaceutical industry, I strongly feel that DTC advertising is bad....posted by: Thomas Marsland, MD

Costs of Targeted Anticancer Drugs Growing Faster Than Usage (Philadelphia Inquirer)

As long as the targets are present and appropriate, targeted therapy is only bad from an episodic cost standpoint,...posted by: Winston Wong, PharmD

Even Talking About Reducing Drug Prices Can Reduce Drug Prices (New York Times/The Upshot)

So even during the campaign rhetoric of lower drug prices, most major manufacturers took their annual price increases...posted by: Winston Wong, PharmD

Calls Intensify To Get Medicare To Pay For Genetic Sequencing Of Tumors (STAT)

So this article stimulated a response that could be also used to reply to several of the reports in today's OBR....posted by: Thomas Marsland, MD

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