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Jan 15
Dean Gesme, MD: C-C Chemokine Receptors (CCR5 or CD195) are ubiquitous on immune cells and play a significant role… https://t.co/FPThNu4aTT

Jan 14
Howard Sandler, MD, MS, FASTRO: Radiotherapy as primary treatment (along with TUR and chemotherapy) is having a bit… https://t.co/pGbHsJJAbs

Jan 14
Tomasz M. Beer, MD: Hot flashes are a common consequence of hormonal therapy for prostate cancer and strategies to… https://t.co/owVbzC4Sex

Jan 13
William McGivney, PhD: In Oncology, drug/biologic development is clearly in a world of orphan diseases. The FDA def… https://t.co/LXXvSjOK2x

Jan 07
H. Jack West, MD: Perhaps a bit surprising for pembro, which has had the luck or efficacy to usually be just a shad… https://t.co/bTjrJlJQwv

Dec 23
Debu Tripathy, MD: Trastuzumab deruxtecan (Enhertu), a HER2-targeting antibody drug conjugate, will represent an im… https://t.co/1x3NMQ6ZkN

Dec 16
Gwen Nichols, MD, @DrGwenNichols of @LLSusa regarding the collaboration between the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society a… https://t.co/mhmBcEyIPo

Dec 16
Andre Goy, MD, @AndreGoyMD of @JTCancerCenter @HackensackUMC regarding the ZUMA-2 study investigating anti-CD19 CAR… https://t.co/3D4ynHF64R

Dec 16
Daniel Pollyea, MD,@DanPollyea of @CUCancerCenter discusses prognostic factors in acute myeloid leukemia (AML) pati… https://t.co/rzlQEK9pie

Dec 16
Jae H. Park, MD, of @sloan_kettering on the factors associated with improved survival after CD19 CAR-T cell therapy… https://t.co/eYwzIQiW3n