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Kathy Giusti: Cancer Warrior

(Fortune) Aug 14, 2014 - How one former pharmaceutical exec changed the way patients and drug companies work together.
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Over 1,000 Medical Sites in the United States Now Licensed to Administer Xofigo® (radium Ra 223 dichloride) Injection

(Yahoo! Finance) Aug 13, 2014 - Bayer HealthCare Inc. today announced that, approximately one year following the national launch, over 1,000 sites in the United States have received the appropriate licensing from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) or appropriate Agreement State to administer Xofigo® (radium Ra 223 dichloride) injection.
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Pharmacyclics Has Edge Over Blood Cancer Competitors

(TheStreet) Aug 13, 2014 - Imbruvica will be an important part of the treatment landscape for blood cancers.
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'Every Oncologist Is a Geriatric Oncologist'

(Medscape Medical News) Aug 14, 2014 - As the majority of cancer diagnoses and deaths occur in patients over 65 years of age, every oncologist needs to keep up to date with geriatric oncology.
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RPCI Researchers Identify Priority Targets for Immunotherapy in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer

(RPCI) Aug 13, 2014 - Findings suggest that several MAGE proteins may prove to be biomarkers for the disease.
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National Clinical Trial Tests Power of COXEN Model to Predict Best Treatment For Bladder Cancer

(UCCC/In the Clinic blog) Aug 13, 2014 - A clinical trial recently approved by the National Cancer Institute will open at the University of Colorado Cancer Center and nationally via the Southwest Oncology Group (SWOG) to test the COXEN model in bladder cancer – can it predict which cancers will and which cancers will not respond to two common chemotherapies?
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Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial Identifies Men Mostly Likely to Undergo Challenging Study Procedures

(MD Anderson) Aug 13, 2014 - Healthy men participating in the Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial who actively participate in all steps of the clinical trial are most likely to undergo a biopsy.
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NSAIDs Benefit Overweight Breast Cancer Patients, Study Finds

(UT at Austin) Aug 14, 2014 - Researchers have determined that postmenopausal overweight or obese breast cancer patients receiving hormone therapy as part of their treatment and who use nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as aspirin or ibuprofen have significantly lower breast cancer recurrence rates and a sizable delay in time to cancer recurrence.
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Obesity Linked to 10 Common Cancers

(PharmaTimes [UK]) Aug 14, 2014 - A higher body mass index increases the risk of developing ten of the most common cancers, according to the largest study of its kind involving more than five million adults in the UK.
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Treating Cancer With Bacteria Shows Real Promise

(TIME) Aug 13, 2014 - Bacteria are generally considered more foe than friend, but that may change, if results from a pioneering study are confirmed.
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Amgen Drug Fails to Improve Survival in Multiple Myeloma Trial

(Reuters) Aug 13, 2014 - Amgen Inc's Kyprolis drug failed to extend survival compared to standard care in a trial involving patients with advanced multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer that develops in the bone marrow.
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Agios Gets FDA Fast-Track Designation For Its Experimental Leukemia Drug

(Boston Globe) Aug 13, 2014 - Agios Pharmaceuticals Inc., a Cambridge company seeking to develop new treatments for cancer, said Wednesday that the US Food and Drug Administration has granted a so-called “Fast Track” designation to its experimental treatment for a type of acute myelogenous leukemia, or AML.
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Health Insurer Wellpoint Changes Name to Anthem

(Washington Post) Aug 12, 2014 - The nation’s second-biggest health insurer, Wellpoint, said Tuesday that it will change its name to Anthem Inc., the brand associated with most of the company’s best known health plans.
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AstraZeneca Gets Pipeline Boost from Good Gout Drug Results

(Reuters UK) Aug 13, 2014 - AstraZeneca, which fended off a $118 billion (70.14 billion pounds) takeover approach from Pfizer in May, reported positive results for an experimental gout drug on Wednesday that could boost its sales modestly.
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Risk of Diabetes Doubles as Disease Rises Sharply in U.S.

(Bloomberg) Aug 12, 2014 - Forty percent of Americans born from 2000 to 2011 will develop diabetes, double the risk of those born a decade earlier, signaling a sharp increase in the disease’s prevalence, researchers found.
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FDA Examines Stem Cell Medicines

(The Hill) Aug 12, 2014 - The Food and Drug Administration said Tuesday it is investigating stem cell-based medicines to make sure they are safe.
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Big Investors Ask Drug Maker Boards Not to Denigrate Biosimilars

(Wall Street Journal/Pharmalot blog) Aug 11, 2014 - A group of 19 institutional investors is asking the boards of more than two dozen drug makers and biotechs to agree to various business principles in hopes of supporting use of biosimilar medicines.
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Large Companies See Health-care Insurance Costs Rising 6.5% for 2015

(MarketWatch/Health Exchange blog) Aug 13, 2014 - If you’re worried about Obamacare premiums rising an average 8% throughout the U.S. next year, consider that large employers expect to see increases in health benefit costs next year of about 6.5%.
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3 Girls From Powerful Viral Photo Recreate Image Now That They Are All In Remission From Cancer

(Huffington Post) Aug 12, 2014 - Three little girls whose image brought a message of hope, strength and community to the Internet recently headed back into the photo studio. This time, however, the resulting photographs are pure joy.
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Calling on Cancer’s A-Team

(Yahoo! Health/U.S. News & World Report) Aug 12, 2014 - The 68 hospitals designated as national cancer centers by the National Cancer Institute (, which are supported by taxpayer dollars, are a rich resource for patients everywhere.
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Dendreon Shares Plunge on Concern Debt Won’t Be Repaid

(Bloomberg) Aug 12, 2014 - Dendreon Corp., the maker of prostate-cancer drug Provenge, plunged after the company said it’s considering steps that may leave the shares worthless.
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Cellectar Ready to Move into Human Trials of Radiopharmaceutical for Multiple Myeloma

(MedCity News) Aug 12, 2014 - US Cellectar Biosciences Inc said Monday that it has submitted to the US FDA an Investigational New Drug Application (IND) to initiate a clinical trial to study its highly-selective, cancer-targeting radiopharmaceutical I-131-CLR1404 as a therapy of patients with relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma.
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RedHill Biopharma Acquires Option for Phase II Pancreatic Cancer Drug RP101

(RedHill Biopharma) Aug 13, 2014 - RedHill Biopharma Ltd. and RESprotect GmbH today announced that they have entered into a binding exclusive option agreement for the acquisition of the oncology drug candidate RP101 and next generation compounds.
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NW BIO Corrects Ongoing False Claims by Feuerstein About Phase III Trial of DCVAX®-L, and Interim Analysis

(MarketWatch) Aug 13, 2014 - Phase III trial is alive and well; "Hint of failure" a complete fabrication; No interim analysis of efficacy done; 55 patients' positive data independently collected.
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Northwest Bio DC-Vax Study Changes Hint at Failure

(TheStreet) Aug 12, 2014 - It's obvious DC-Vax came up futile in the early look at the phase III study data, leaving almost no chance the experimental cancer vaccine would benefit patients.
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