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Identified Epigenetic Factors Associated with an Increased Risk of Developing Cancer

(IDIBELL [Barcelona, Spain]) Apr 10, 2014 - IDIBELL researchers show that one in four human tumor presents genetic polymorphisms associated with increased risk of cancer that cause an epigenetic change that modifies the expression of neighboring genes. Today, the journal Cell Reports publishes the results of the study.
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A Bad Penny: Cancer’s Thirst For Copper Can Be Targeted

(Duke Medicine) Apr 9, 2014 - Drugs used to block copper absorption for a rare genetic condition may find an additional use as a treatment for certain types of cancer, researchers at Duke Medicine report.
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IDIBELL Researchers Describe a New Tumor Suppressor Gene in the Liver

(IDIBELL [Barcelona, Spain]) Apr 9, 2014 - A study by the Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBELL) demonstrated that inhibition of NOX4 in liver tumor cells increases their proliferative capacity and therefore its tumorigenic capacity.
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TGen Study Identifies Growth Factor Receptors That May Prompt the Spread of Lung Cancer

(TGen) Apr 9, 2014 - Two cell surface receptors might be responsible for the most common form of lung cancer spreading to other parts of the body, according to a study led by the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen).
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Moffitt Cancer Center Begins Phase I Clinical Trial of New Immunotherapy

(Moffitt) Apr 9, 2014 - Moffitt Cancer Center has initiated a phase I clinical trial for a new immunotherapy drug, ID-G305, made by Immune Design.
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3D Implantable Marker Reported to Clearly Identify Surgical Area in Breast Cancer Patients

(Reuters) Apr 10, 2014 - The BioZorb™ three-dimensional surgical marker improved the ability of radiation oncologists to target radiation treatment for breast cancer, according to a scientific presentation at the 2014 American Brachytherapy Society (ABS) Annual Meeting.
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Interim Clinical Data for Tocagen's Toca 511 & Toca FC in Patients with High Grade Glioma Presented at American Association of Neurological Surgeons Annual Meeting

(MarketWatch) Apr 10, 2014 - Tocagen Inc. today announced that updated interim clinical data from two ongoing investigational studies of Toca 511 in combination with Toca FC in 68 patients with recurrent high grade glioma were presented at the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) Annual Meeting in San Francisco.
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Navidea Announces Presentation of Study Findings of Manocept™ Platform Imaging Agent in Kaposi Sarcoma at AACR Annual Meeting

(Benzinga) Apr 10, 2014 - Navidea Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. today announced that collaborators from the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) presented results at the 2014 AACR conference, highlighting the potential utility of imaging agents derived from Navidea's Manocept™ platform in identifying affected tissues and lymph nodes in patients with Kaposi Sarcoma (KS).
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Affimed Therapeutics AG: Affimed Highlights Further Data on AFM13, a Bispecific CD30/CD16A TandAb in Development to Treat Hodgkin Lymphoma, at the 2014 AACR Annual Meeting

(Reuters) Apr 10, 2014 - Affimed Therapeutics AG announced today further results from its phase 1 clinical trial of AFM13 as monotherapy for the treatment of patients with advanced relapsing/refractory (R/R) Hodgkin lymphoma.
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Immunotherapy Passes Early Tests in NSCLC

(MedPage Today) Apr 9, 2014 - A cancer immunotherapy passed a key test in patients with lung cancer, as response rates and survival correlated with tumor expression of the drug's target, according to a study reported here.
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High-Fat Diet May Boost Breast Cancer Risk

(U.S. News & World Report/HealthDay News) Apr 9, 2014 - For more than three decades, experts have debated whether eating a high-fat diet increases breast cancer risk.
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Older People with Faster Decline in Memory and Thinking Skills May Have Lower Risk of Cancer Death

(American Academy of Neurology) Apr 9, 2014 - Older people who are starting to have memory and thinking problems, but do not yet have dementia, may have a lower risk of dying from cancer than people who have no memory and thinking problems, according to a new study published in the medical journal Neurology.
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Chimerix CEO Out in Wake of Josh Hardy Compassionate Use Media Frenzy

(Forbes) Apr 10, 2014 - A month after brokering a new Phase III trial of Chimerix’s investigational antiviral drug, company CEO Kenneth I. Moch has been replaced and will be pursuing other interests.
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ASCO Alarmed about Medicare Payment Data Release

(ASCO) Apr 9, 2014 - The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) is deeply concerned about today’s release of Medicare physician payment data.
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Seniors Have the Most Complications After Colorectal Cancer Surgery

(CBS News) Apr 10, 2014 - The majority of colorectal cancer surgeries performed in the U.S. are on people 65 and older, and these patients tend to have worse outcomes, according to a new study from the JAMA Networks Journal.
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Celgene Higher on Revlimid Patent Case Document Release

(TheStreet) Apr 9, 2014 - Celgene shares are notably higher Wednesday on what appears to be an investor relief rally over the patent life of Revlimid, the company's biggest selling cancer drug.
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Hem/Onc Specialists Rank Among Highest Medicare Payees

(Medscape Medical News) Apr 9, 2014 - Specialists in hematology/oncology were the second biggest recipients of Medicare payments, at $2.09 billion dollars, split among 1831 Medicare billers.
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How Mouse Studies Lead Medical Research Down Dead Ends

(NPR/Shots blog) Apr 8, 2014 - New drugs are usually tested in animals before they're tested in humans. But many of those studies aren't done carefully enough, analysts say. So time and money is wasted, and treatments are delayed.
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Choosing Wisely Lists Dominated by Cost Considerations

(Medscape Medical News) Apr 9, 2014 - Healthcare costs figured highly in specialty medical societies' decision-making processes in determining what to include in their Choosing Wisely Top 5 lists, according to a research letter published in the April 9 issue of JAMA.
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Fewer Americans Overwhelmed by Medical Bills: Report

(U.S. News & World Report/HealthDay News) April 9, 2014 - While millions of Americans still feel hamstrung by medical expenses, a new government report shows that some people are getting relief.
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CMS Ensures Higher Value and Quality for Medicare Health and Drug Plans

( Apr 7, 2014 - Today, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued the 2015 rate announcement and final call letter for Medicare Advantage and prescription drug benefit (Part D) programs.
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Historic Release of Data Gives Consumers Unprecedented Transparency on the Medical Services Physicians Provide and How Much They Are Paid

( Apr 9, 2014 - Today, as part of the Obama administration’s work to make our health care system more transparent, affordable, and accountable, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced the release of new, privacy-protected data on services and procedures provided to Medicare beneficiaries by physicians and other health care professionals.
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Docs' Medicare Pay Totals Now Public

(MedPage Today) Apr 9, 2014 - For the first time, totals of what Medicare pays individual healthcare providers is now freely available to download and browse on a government website.
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Data Uncover Nation’s Top Medicare Billers

(Washington Post) Apr 9, 2014 - The Medicare program is the source of a small fortune for many U.S. doctors, according to a trove of government records that reveal unprecedented details about physician billing practices nationwide.
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To Get Quality Care, You Need to be the Right Kind of Patient

(Washington Post) Apr 7, 2014 - Humphrey received excellent cancer care. All patients should be treated so considerately.
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