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AMA Urges Overhaul of Electronic Records

(Wall Street Journal) Sept 16, 2014 - The American Medical Association is calling for a major overhaul of electronic-medical-records systems to make usability and high-quality patient care a higher priority.
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Hospitals Have a Cure for Costs: Bigger Hospitals

(BloombergBusinessweek) Sept 11, 2014 - The U.S. spends more on health care than any other country. To cut costs, health-care providers are linking family practices and specialists with hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and outpatient clinics.
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Doctors: Skeptical About Health Law, Optimistic About Future of Medicine

(Wall Street Journal) Sept 16, 2014 - Doctors are overextended, skeptical of changes wrought by the federal health law, but more optimistic about the future of medicine than they were two years ago, according to a new survey of 20,000 U. S. physicians.
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Smoking Rates on the Rise in New York City

(Newsday/Associated Press) Sept 15, 2014 — For the first time in years, more than 1 million New Yorkers are smoking, according to data released Monday, marking a disturbing rise of tobacco use in the city that pioneered a number of anti-smoking initiatives that were emulated nationally.
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Layoff Letter to Hopewell Woman with Cancer Sparks Online Outrage

(The Beaver County Times [Beaver, PA]) Sept 11, 2014 - A letter posted this week on social media went viral and prompted outrage at a Beaver County oral surgeon who laid off a longtime employee after she was diagnosed with cancer.
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Charlotte Conference on the Cancer That Killed Steve Jobs

(Charlotte Observer) Sept 15, 2014 - Most people think Apple founder Steve Jobs died of pancreatic cancer.
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DNAtrix Announces Treatment Of First Patient With DNX-2401 In Recurrent Glioblastoma Trial

(Yahoo! Finance) Sept 16, 2014 - DNAtrix, Inc., experts in oncolytic virus development, today announced that the first patient was treated with the company's lead product, DNX-2401, a replication competent adenovirus plus gamma interferon in a randomized, multicenter, open-label Phase Ib study for patients with recurrent glioblastoma.
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Internationally Acclaimed Scientist Named Co-Leader of UPCI Lung Cancer Program

(UPMC) Sept 9, 2014 – An international leader in the field of epigenetics has been named the co-leader of the Lung Cancer Program at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute (UPCI), partner with UPMC CancerCenter.
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Decades After Nuclear Test, U.S. Studies Cancer Fallout

(Wall Street Journal) Sept 15, 2014 - Nearly 70 years after the U.S. conducted the world's first atomic-bomb test here in the New Mexico desert, federal researchers are slated to visit the state this month to begin studying whether some residents developed cancer due to the blast.
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All Signs Point to Patient-Centered Care on the Quality Journey

(ACCCBuzz) Sept 15, 2014 - The Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC) has just released its 2014 Trends in Cancer Programs survey results, and our membership revealed what matters to them most—delivering quality, patient-centered care.
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EU OKs Gardasil Update on Long-term HPV Protection

(PharmaTimes [UK]) Sept 15, 2014 - European regulators have approved an update to the product information for Sanofi Pasteur MSD’s cervical cancer jab Gardasil, to include new long-term data on protection against four strains of the Human papillomavirus.
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Northwest Bio Drug Gets First Slot Under UK Early Access Scheme

(Reuters) Sept 16, 2014 - An experimental Northwest Biotherapeutics drug for inoperable tumors is the first medicine to have been selected for fast-track designation under a new early access scheme in Britain.
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Cancer Research and Other Medical Funding Is Hurt by Congress's Budget Games

(The Plain Dealer [Cleveland, OH]) Sept 16, 2014 - Cancer survivors, their relatives, physicians and supporters will fan across Capitol Hill today to urge Congress to do something it has no intention of doing right now: Providing substantially more money for cancer research, including clinical trials of promising drugs and treatments.
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OncoGenex Announces Completion of Patient Enrollment in the Phase 3 AFFINITY Trial of Custirsen in Combination with Cabazitaxel/Prednisone as Second-line Chemotherapy in Men with Metastatic Castrate-Resistant Prostate Cancer

(TheStreet) Sept 16, 2014 - OncoGenex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announced today that patient enrollment has been completed in the Phase 3 AFFINITY trial.
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Scientists Identify the Master Regulator of Cells’ Heat Shock Response, Pointing to New Potential Targets for Neurodegenerative Diseases and Cancer

(NYU Langone Medical Center) Sept 15, 2014 - In new research, scientists report for the first time that a protein called translation elongation factor eEF1A1 orchestrates the entire process of the heat shock response.
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Cancer-Fighting Cocktail Demonstrates Promising Results as New Treatment for Advanced Cervical Cancer

(UTSW) Sept 15, 2014 - Combining a standard chemotherapy drug with a second drug that stops cells from dividing improves both the survival and response rates for those with advanced cervical cancer, a new study by UT Southwestern Medical Center cancer researchers finds.
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Patients With Head and Neck Cancers Resistant to Cetuximab May Benefit From an Investigational Drug

(AACR) Sept 15, 2014 - The investigational drug alpelisib, previously known as BYL719, was able to overcome head and neck cancer resistance to the anti-EGFR treatment cetuximab, and combining alpelisib with cetuximab was found to be beneficial, according to data from a phase Ib/II trial presented at the AACR special conference Targeting the PI3K-mTOR Network in Cancer, held Sept. 14-17.
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Chemotherapy and Stereotactic Ablative Radiation (SABR) Consecutively May be Promising Treatment Option for Patients with Advanced Pancreatic Cancer

(ASTRO) Sept 15, 2014 - For patients with locally advanced pancreatic cancer, the combination of chemotherapy and stereotactic ablative radiation (SABR) may be a promising treatment option, ultimately allowing them to undergo surgery that may not otherwise be an option, according to research presented today at ASTRO.
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Cancer Patients with Malignant Spinal Cord Compression Experienced Preserved Mobility When Administered One High-dose of Radiation Therapy Compared to More Frequent Lower Doses of RT

(ASTRO) Sept 15, 2014 - Mobility is equally preserved in cancer patients suffering from malignant spinal cord compression (MSCC) who receive a single dose of 10 Gy of radiation therapy (RT), compared to patients who receive five daily doses of 4 Gy of RT each, according to research presented today at ASTRO.
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Patient Reported Data Indicates That Single Fraction Radiation Therapy Is as Effective as Multiple Fraction Radiation Therapy for Patients with Bone Metastases in a Broad Clinical Setting

(ASTRO) Sept 15, 2014 - A prospective study that compared patient-reported outcomes of a broad set of cancer patients with bone metastases demonstrates that single fraction radiation therapy (SFRT) is equally as effective as multiple fraction radiation therapy (MFRT) when pain, function and quality of life are considered, according to research presented today at ASTRO.
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Long-term Results of RTOG 0236 Confirm Good Primary Tumor Control and Positive Five-year Survival Rates for Lung Cancer Patients Who Received Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT)

(ASTRO) Sept 15, 2014 - Patients with inoperable, early-stage lung cancer who receive stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) have a five-year survival rate of 40 percent, according to research presented today at ASTRO.
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Patients with Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Who Have Never Smoked or Who Have Quit Smoking Have Lower Risk of Developing Secondary Primary Lung Cancers Than Current Smokers

(ASTRO) Sept 16, 2014 - Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) survivors who never smoked or who are former smokers at the time of diagnosis have a lower risk of developing secondary primary lung cancers (SPLC) compared to those who are current smokers, suggesting that increased tobacco exposure is associated with a higher risk of SPLC, according to research presented today at ASTRO.
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Analysis Finds Select Group of Stage IV Lung Cancer Patient Population Achieves Long-term Survival After Aggressive Treatments

(ASTRO) Sept 16, 2014 - A large, international analysis of patients with stage IV non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) indicates that a patient’s overall survival (OS) rate can be related to factors including the timing of when metastases develop and lymph node involvement, and that aggressive treatment for “low-risk” patients leads to a five-year OS rate of 47.8 percent, according to research presented today at ASTRO.
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Is Male Pattern Baldness an Early Warning Sign of Prostate Cancer?

(CBS News/HealthDay News) Sept 15, 2014 - Men with male pattern baldness may face a higher risk of developing an aggressive type of prostate cancer than men with no balding, a new study suggests.
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Cancer Survivor Numbers Triple From 40 Years Ago: Report

(Bloomberg) Sept 16, 2014 - About 1 in 22 Americans is a cancer survivor, triple the percentage seen 40 years ago, according to a report that suggests science may be slowly catching up with the deadly disease.
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