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Merck Serono Announces Initiation of Phase III START2 Study with Tecemotide in Stage III Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

(Yahoo! Finance) Apr 7, 2014 - First patient dosed in tecemotide Phase III trial; study recruiting across 250 sites in over 20 countries; START2 builds upon the data from the START* trial and explores the potential of tecemotide in patients with Stage III NSCLC who have demonstrated stable disease or objective response after concurrent chemoradiotherapy.
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Tissue Testing During Breast Cancer Lumpectomies Prevents Need for Reoperation 96 Percent of Time

(Mayo Clinic) Apr 7, 2014 - Unique laboratory testing during breast cancer lumpectomies to make sure surgeons remove all cancerous tissue spares patients the need for a repeat lumpectomy in roughly 96 percent of cases at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, a success rate much higher than the rate nationally, a Mayo study shows.
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Blood Test Could Provide Rapid, Accurate Method of Detecting Solid Cancers, Study Finds

(Stanford School of Medicine) Apr 6, 2014 - A blood sample could one day be enough to diagnose many types of solid cancers, or to monitor the amount of cancer in a patient’s body and responses to treatment.
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Deciphera Pharmaceuticals Announces Initiation of Phase 1 Cancer Trial for LY3009120 Pan-RAF Inhibitor Created and Developed in Collaboration with Eli Lilly

(Deciphera Pharmaceuticals) Apr 7, 2014 - Deciphera Pharmaceuticals today announced the initiation of a Phase 1 clinical trial of its pan-RAF inhibitor LY3009120 (DP-4978), under development in collaboration with Eli Lilly.
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Seattle Genetics Highlights Antibody-Drug Conjugate (ADC) Program and Technology Advances at AACR

(Seattle Genetics) Apr 7, 2014 - Seattle Genetics’ ADC technology featured in more than 15 presentations; multiple preclinical data presentations highlight novel ADC technology advances and support program development plans.
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Zombie Cancer Cells Eat Themselves to Live

(UCCC/In the Lab [blog]) Apr 5, 2014 - A University of Colorado Cancer Center study recently published in the journal Cell Reports and presented today at the AACR Annual Conference 2014 shows that the cellular process of autophagy in which cells “eat” parts of themselves in times of stress may allow cancer cells to recover and divide rather than die when faced with chemotherapies.
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Bacterial Gut Biome May Guide Colon Cancer Progression

(The Wistar Institute) Apr 4, 2014 - At the 2014 American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting in San Diego, researchers from The Wistar Institute present findings that suggest the colon “microbiome” of gut bacteria can change the tumor microenvironment in a way that promotes the growth and spread of tumors.
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In Mice, Obese Dads Produce Heavier Daughters With Epigenetically Altered Breast Tissue

(GUMC) Apr 5, 2014 - Obese male mice and normal weight female mice produce female pups that are overweight at birth and in childhood, and have increased number of “terminal end buds” in their breast tissue — the site where cancer often develops in rodents.
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Antioxidants Can Protect Against Omega 6 Damage — or Promote It

(GUMC) Apr 5, 2014 - Given omega 6 fatty acid’s reputation for promoting cancer — at least in animal studies — researchers are examining the role that antioxidants play in blocking the harmful effects of this culprit, found in many cooking oils.
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Major Genetic Study Links Liver Disease Gene to Bladder Cancer

(UCCC/In the Clinic [blog]) Apr 4, 2014 - A University of Colorado Cancer Center study published today in Journal of the National Cancer Institute (with related research being presented tomorrow at the AACR Conference 2014) details the discovery of a new genetic driver of bladder cancer: silencing of the gene AGL.
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Researchers Find that Renal Cancer Cells Thrive When Put in the Right Environment and Supported by a Specific Enzyme

(Fox Chase) Apr 6, 2014 - Researchers at Fox Chase Cancer Center found renal cancer cells planted in a supportive environment proliferate with the help of an enzyme usually only seen in the brain.
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Non-Invasive Imaging Instead of Repeated Biopsy in Active Monitoring of Prostate Cancer

(UCCC/In the Clinic [blog]) Apr 6, 2014 - A University of Colorado Cancer Center study being presented today at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting 2014 describes a novel method to “manipulate the lipid metabolism in the cancer cell to trick them to use more radiolabeled glucose, the basis of PET scanning."
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Scaffolding Protein Promotes Growth and Metastases of Epithelial Ovarian Cancer

(Fox Chase) Apr 6, 2014 - Researchers from Fox Chase Cancer Center have shown that NEDD9, a scaffolding protein responsible for regulating signaling pathways in the cell, promotes the growth and spread of epithelial ovarian cancer.
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Studies Reveal More Clues on How Pregnancy Protects Against Breast Cancer

(Fox Chase) Apr 7, 2014 - Scientists at Fox Chase Cancer Center have unearthed new clues about how pregnancy reduces women's risk of developing breast cancer. The research will be presented at the AACR Annual Meeting 2014.
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Uncommon Genetic Variations May Contribute to Ovarian Cancer Risk

(Dartmouth-Hitchcock Norris) Apr 4, 2014 - Researchers using data collected by the Ovarian Cancer Association Consortium have discovered uncommon variants in new regions of the genome that influence ovarian cancer risk.
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Disruption of VISTA Plays an Important Role in Regulating Immune Response

(Dartmouth-Hitchcock Norris) Apr 7, 2014 - Researchers at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth have found that the body's immune system response was enhanced when they disrupted VISTA, a protein that prevents the immune system from overreacting.
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Regulus Presents Positive Preclinical Data on miR-21 and miR-221 Oncology Programs In Oral and Poster Presentations at AACR 2014 Annual Meeting

(San Francisco Business Times) Apr 7, 2014 - Regulus Therapeutics Inc. today announced that three abstracts will be presented in poster presentation sessions during the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting, which will be held April 5-9, 2014 in San Diego, CA.
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Eli Lilly Presents Early-stage Data From Several Targeted Cancer Therapies at AACR 2014

(Lilly) Apr 7, 2014 - Eli Lilly and Company will present early-stage data from several targeted cancer therapies – including bemaciclib "beh meh sye' klib" (LY2835219), its oral, cell-cycle inhibitor of CDK4/6 – that make up its diverse clinical oncology pipeline during the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting 2014 held in San Diego, Calif. from April 5 – 9.
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Biomarker Identifies Melanoma Patients Who May Respond to Immunotherapy MK-3475

(AACR) Apr 6, 2014 - Among melanoma patients treated with the PD-1 inhibitor MK-3475, those whose tumors had the protein PD-L1 had better immune responses and higher survival rates, according to results presented here at the AACR Annual Meeting 2014, April 5-9.
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Study Identifies Potential Predictor of Clinical Outcome in Patients With Lung Cancer Treated With the Investigational Immunotherapy MK-3475

(AACR) Apr 6, 2014 - Among patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) treated with the investigational immune checkpoint inhibitor MK-3475, those whose tumors had high levels of the protein PD-L1 had significantly better outcomes, according to results of a phase I clinical trial presented here at the AACR Annual Meeting 2014, April 5-9.
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Puma Drug Better Than Herceptin in HER2 Breast Cancers: Trial

(Reuters) Apr 7, 2014 - A mid-stage trial of Puma Biotechnology's experimental drug neratinib showed that it was more effective, given before surgery, than Herceptin, the Roche drug commonly used in women with a type of breast cancer fueled by a protein called HER2.
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Pfizer, Lilly Drugs Slow Advanced Breast Cancer in Studies

(Washington Post/Bloomberg) Apr 6, 2014 - Experimental breast cancer drugs from Pfizer and Eli Lilly slowed or halted the growth of advanced tumors in studies, potentially adding a new treatment option for patients and top-selling therapies for the companies.
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Strong Tumor Response Seen From Agios Pharma Cancer Metabolism Drug

(TheStreet) Apr 6, 2014 - The Agios Pharmaceuticals cancer metabolism drug AG-221 is demonstrating surprisingly strong clinical activity, including multiple complete remissions, in an early stage study involving patients with advanced blood cancers.
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Roche Buys Rights to Oryzon's Cancer-Suppressing Gene Drug

(Reuters) Apr 7, 2014 - Roche has bought the rights to an experimental drug from Spain's Oryzon Genomics that can switch on genes to block cancer growth, as the Swiss drugmaker looks to maintain its dominance in the lucrative field of oncology.
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IMS Health Raises $1.3B in 2014's Second-Biggest IPO

(VentureBeat) Apr 4, 2014 - Health care information company IMS Health has a lot of new cash in its war chest.
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