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SBRT Offers Prostate Cancer Patients High Cancer Control And Low Toxicity In Fewer Treatments

(ASTRO Annual Meeting) Sept 26, 2016 - Multi-institutional study finds five-year progression-free survival in 97 percent of patients and severe side effects in fewer than 2 percent.
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Combining Cytokine-based Immunotherapy AM0010 with Pembrolizumab Yielded Durable Responses in Patients with Advanced Solid Tumors

(AACR) Sept 26, 2016 - A combination of the immunotherapies AM0010 and the immune checkpoint inhibitor pembrolizumab was well tolerated and resulted in durable objective tumor responses in some patients with renal cell carcinoma (RCC) and non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), according to data from a phase Ib clinical trial presented at the Second CRI-CIMT-EATI-AACR International Cancer Immunotherapy Conference: Translating Science into Survival, held Sept. 25–28.
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Ratio of Certain Immune Cells to Tumor Burden Correlated With Outcome For Pembrolizumab-treated Patients With Melanoma

(AACR) Sept 26, 2016 - Among patients with stage IV melanoma who were being treated with the immunotherapeutic pembrolizumab (Keytruda), the ratio of a particular subset of immune cells in the blood to tumor burden correlated with clinical response, according to data presented at the Second CRI-CIMT-EATI-AACR International Cancer Immunotherapy Conference: Translating Science into Survival, held Sept. 25–28.
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Physicians and Physicists Join Forces to Fight Pancreatic Cancer

(Wall Street Journal) Sept 25, 2016 - By bringing together experts from different fields, scientists seek answers to complex medical problems.
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New Nuclear-Imaging Tests Show Promise in Locating Cancer

(Wall Street Journal) Sept 25, 2016 - Cancer cells remain elusive and tough to locate, but a new crop of nuclear-imaging tests promises to lead to more accurate prognosis and treatment.
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Onconova Announces Successful End-of-Phase 2 Meeting with FDA for Oral Rigosertib and Azacitidine Combination

(StreetInsider) Sept 26, 2016 - Pivotal randomized trial in 1st-line MDS patients will assess overall response rate as approval endpoint.
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Lundbeck Falls After Alzheimer’s Drug Fails in Late-Stage Study

(Bloomberg) Sept 23, 2016 - H. Lundbeck A/S dropped the most in almost four years after its experimental Alzheimer’s drug failed to meet targets in a final-stage patient trial.
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Takeover Chatter Around Clovis May Be Overdone

(TheStreet) Sept 23, 2016 - Rumors are swirling about Big Pharma interest in the cancer drug developer, but the validity of such theories is questioned by at least some company followers.
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Budget Criteria And Drug Value Assessments: A Case Of Apples And Oranges?

(Health Affairs Blog) Sept 22, 2016 - Last year, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced a historic initiative to shift Medicare's reimbursement paradigm. Instead of paying for the "volume" of care, Medicare would now aim to pay for "value."
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Hard To Swallow: Emerging Markets Get Tougher For Drugmakers

(Reuters) Sept 22, 2016 - Emerging markets have lost their luster for Big Pharma making drug firms ever more dependent on the United States for growth just as American anger over high medicine prices is building.
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UnitedHealth Trims Drug Coverage, Including Sanofi Insulin

(Reuters) Sept 22, 2016 - UnitedHealth Group (UNH.N), the largest U.S. health insurer, will stop covering several brand-name drugs as of next year, reinforcing a trend of payers steering prescriptions to lower-priced options.
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Breakthrough Gene Technology Attracts Investors Amid Patent Dispute

(Wall Street Journal) Sept 22, 2016 - Last month, Bayer AG opened the doors on a $335 million joint venture with Crispr Therapeutics to develop therapies using a new gene-editing tool.
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Cancer Communication Breakdown

(Fred Hutch News Service) Sept 22, 2016 - Like many diseases, cancer has its own special language. It’s one of the first things I learned after I was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2011. Well, actually, I learned it at the exact same time.
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A Look at the First International QOPI®-Certified Practice in New JGO Article

(ASCO in Action) Sept 22, 2016 - On Sept. 21, the Journal of Global Oncology (JGO) published the article “QOPI International, or How to Globalize Quality?” which discusses the Contemporary Oncology Team of Athens at Hygeia Hospital’s experience using ASCO’s Quality Oncology Practice Initiative (QOPI®) and becoming the first international QOPI-certified practice.
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Moffitt Cancer Center, Governor Rick Scott Announce National Cancer Institute Designation

(Moffitt) Sept 22, 2016 - Moffitt Cancer Center and Florida Governor Rick Scott announced today that the cancer center has been awarded the National Cancer Institute’s highest designation – Comprehensive Cancer Center.
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Can Math Crack Cancer’s Code?

(Wall Street Journal) Sept 23, 2016 - New quantitative models focus on the hidden architecture of tumor cells.
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Forging Collaborations to Spur Global Progress Against Cancer

(NCI/Cancer Currents Blog) Sept 22, 2016 - In April, while speaking alongside Pope Francis at a Vatican event, Vice President Biden stressed the role that biomedical research can—and, indeed, must—play in addressing the impact of cancer and other diseases on global health.
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Antiemetics Overused in Patients With Cancer at Low Risk for CINV

(Medscape Medical News) Sept 23, 2016 - Antiemetics are overused in patients with cancer receiving chemotherapy, and this overuse results in unnecessary spending associated with chemotherapy treatment, assert researchers reporting a new study that looked at the impact of Choosing Wisely recommendations.
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Merck's Keytruda Finds Fast Entry Into China Via Medical-Tourism Push

(NASDAQ/Dow Jones Business News) Sept 23, 2016 - Merck & Co.'s immunotherapy cancer drug Keytruda is finding its way into China as the first imported drug approved for use under a pilot program on the resort island of Hainan intended to boost medical tourism.
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In Turnaround Saga, Ignyta Nears Crucial Phase in Cancer Drug Trial

(Xconomy San Diego) Sept 23, 2016 - Biotech CEO Jonathan Lim is awaiting interim results of a global pivotal clinical trial that could determine Ignyta’s ultimate fate. He said he anticipates the company will disclose its interim findings sometime next spring.
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Precision Medicine Trial First Of Its Kind To Show Benefit To Patients

(ESMO) Sept 23, 2016 - A critical trial for types of advanced cancer is the first of its kind to show that precision medicine – or tailoring treatment for individual people – can slow down the time it takes for a tumour to grow back, according to research presented at the Molecular Analysis for Personalised Therapy (MAP) conference, today.
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Breast Cancer’s Spread May Be Influenced By Circadian Gene

(Reuters) Sept 22, 2016 - Variations in a gene involved in so-called circadian rhythms that control everything from cell division to sleep may also promote the spread of breast cancer to other organs, a new study suggests.
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New Prostate Cancer Therapy Investigated at VUMC

(VICC) Sept 22, 2016 - Vanderbilt University Medical Center is the world’s first site to treat a patient in the TULSA-PRO Ablation Clinical Trial (TACT), which employs an emerging therapy that uses MRI guidance and robotically driven therapeutic ultrasound to obtain precise prostate cancer tissue ablation.
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The 'Dirty Little Secret' of Low Cancer Surgery Volumes

(MedPage Today/The Gupta Guide) Sept 22, 2016 - Seasoned healthcare data junkies may know this dirty little secret in surgical care: A surprisingly large number of hospitals very rarely perform some common, elective surgery types. But some analysts said they were blown away when they realized just how many times extremely low volumes were reported for 11 types of cancer surgery throughout California's hospitals.
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Melanoma Tumors Use Interferon-Gamma Mutations to Fight Immunotherapy

(MD Anderson) Sept 22, 2016 - Melanoma tumors use genetic mutations in a prominent immune response pathway to resist the immunotherapy ipilimumab, researchers from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center report in the journal Cell.
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