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Two in Three Childhood Cancer Survivors Suffer Long-Term Side Effects

(American Cancer Society) Aug 31, 2015 – Two in three survivors of childhood cancer endure debilitating side effects and late effects from their cancer treatment that cause significant suffering throughout their lives, a sobering message as the nation observes Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September.
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What to Watch for After Skin Cancer

(Wall Street Journal/The Informed Patient) Aug 31, 2015 - Skin cancer is afflicting more people, and research shows patients who have had non-melanoma skin cancers are at increased risk of recurrence.
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Precision Medicine, Linked To DNA, Still Too Often Misses

(Boston Globe/STAT) Aug 29, 2015 - Contrary to its name, precision medicine is often inexact, which means that for some patients, it will offer false hope rather than a cure.
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Bristol-Myers Myeloma Drug Accepted for Priority Review

(Wall Street Journal) Sept 1, 2015 - Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.’s Empliciti drug, used to treat multiple myeloma, has been accepted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for priority review.
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Novartis Gets EU Approval For Skin Cancer Drugs

(MarketWatch/Dow Jones Newswires) Sept 1, 2015 - European regulators have approved Novartis AG's tafinlar and mekinist for treating patients with an aggressive type of skin cancer, the company said Tuesday.
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New Guidelines For Cancer Doctors Aim To Make Sense Of Gene Tests

(Reuters) Aug 31, 2015 - The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) has issued guidelines on how cancer doctors should approach the use of new genetic tests that screen for multiple cancer genes at the same time, including counseling patients about genes whose contribution to cancer is still poorly understood.
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ASCO Releases Updated Policy Statement on Genetic and Genomic Testing for Cancer Susceptibility

(ASCO) Aug 31, 2015 - The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) today issued an updated policy statement on genetic and genomic testing for cancer susceptibility.
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U.S. Food and Drug Administration Accepts for Priority Review the Biologics License Application for Empliciti (elotuzumab) for the Treatment of Multiple Myeloma in Patients Who Have Received One or More Prior Therapies

(Bristol-Myers) Sept 1, 2015 - Bristol-Myers Squibb Company and AbbVie today announced the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has accepted for priority review the Biologics License Application (BLA) for Empliciti (elotuzumab), an investigational Signaling Lymphocyte Activation Molecule (SLAMF7)-directed immunostimulatory antibody, for the treatment of multiple myeloma as combination therapy in patients who have received one or more prior therapies.
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Novartis Receives EU Approval for Tafinlar® and Mekinist®, First Combination Approved For Patients With Aggressive Form Of Melanoma

(MarketWatch) Sept 1, 2015 - Novartis today announced that the European Commission has approved the combination of Tafinlar® (dabrafenib) and Mekinist® (trametinib) for the treatment of adult patients with unresectable or metastatic melanoma with a BRAF V600 mutation.
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Mayo Researchers Examine Risk Factors and Patient Outcomes Associated with Colorectal Cancer Operations, Identify Benchmarks

(Mayo Clinic) Aug 31, 2015 - Experts continue to debate whether surgical resection of primary tumors and metastatic tumors should be performed at the same time (synchronously) or in separate operations (sequentially).
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Successful BNC101 IND Submission Paves Way for Development of Promising Cancer Stem Cell Drug Candidate

(MedIndia) Aug 31, 2015 - Bionomics Limited today announced that its BNC101 IND submission has passed review by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Bionomics plans to initiate a Phase 1 clinical trial in patients with metastatic colon cancer and in patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer prior to 31 December 2015.
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Proof Of Impact: The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Is Making Progress Toward A World Without Blood Cancers

( Aug 31, 2015 - The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS), the world's leading voluntary non-profit dedicated to blood cancers, released 30 "proof points" - one for each day of September, Blood Cancer Awareness Month - to demonstrate its impact on the cancer landscape and progress towards a world without blood cancers.
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Hold Nurse Practitioners Accountable By Including Them In the Conversation

( Leader) Aug 28, 2015 - I read a fascinating article from ProPublica about a nurse practitioner (NP), Heather Alfonso, who pleaded guilty in June to accepting $83,000 in payments from a drug company in exchange for prescribing a high priced drug used to treat cancer pain.
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Medicare to List 30-Minute Breast Cancer Treatment

(University of Western Australia [Perth WA]) Aug 31, 2015 - An innovative radiotherapy technique to treat early breast cancer is to become available for all eligible women under Medicare.
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In New York, Rgenix Rises From Rockefeller and Takes Aim at Cancer

(Xconomy New York) Aug 31, 2015 - To survive and convince venture investors to buy in, Rgenix must prove that its drug discovery platform can uncover cancer targets that others haven’t been able to find, and that drugs aimed at those targets can stand out in the crowded, competitive field of cancer treatments.
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Bristol-Myers Makes $150M Bet on Promedior, Fibrosis Drug

(Xconomy Boston) Aug 31, 2015 - New drugs for fibrosis, an internal, often deadly type of scarring, have become the centerpiece of a number of biotech deals over the past few years. The latest just crossed the wires this morning, as Bristol-Myers Squibb has just nabbed an option to buy Promedior, of Lexington, MA.
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Bristol-Myers, QIMR to Discover New Immuno-Oncology Antibodies

(Pharmaceutical Business Review) Aug 31, 2015 - Bristol-Myers Squibb has entered into a research collaboration and license agreement with QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute for the discovery of new therapeutic antibodies against an undisclosed immuno-oncology (I-O) target.
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Telesta Receives FDA BLA Filing Notification Letter and Priority Review Designation for MCNA

(TheStreet) Aug 28 2015 - Telesta Therapeutics Inc. announced today that it has received its BLA Filing Notification for MCNA from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
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Overdiagnosis of Cancer: Bringing an Important Problem into Focus

(NCI/Cancer Currents Blog) Aug 28, 2015 - For the third consecutive year, experts from around the world will convene to discuss the dilemma of overdiagnosis in many types of disease. Overdiagnosis is generally defined as the diagnosis of a disease or condition that is unlikely to ever cause harm.
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Bayer to Forge Ahead With Finerenone Trials on Positive Data

(Bloomberg) Aug 31, 2015 - Bayer AG will conduct final-stage tests on an experimental drug to treat chronic heart failure and diabetic kidney disease following successful mid-stage trials.
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Alnylam, Medicines Co. Cholesterol Shot Exceeds Expectations, Lasts 140 Days

(Forbes) Aug 30, 2015 - An experimental injection that is at least five years from the market dramatically lowered cholesterol for as much as 140 days in an early clinical trial to be presented in London at the annual meeting of the European Society of Cardiology.
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Diabetes Drugs Can Cause Severe Joint Pain, FDA Warns

(NBC News) Aug 28, 2015 - An entire class of diabetes drugs can cause severe and disabling joint pain, the Food and Drug Administration cautioned patients on Friday.
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Oliver Sacks Was A Boundless Explorer Of The Human Brain

(NPR/Shots blog) Aug 30, 2015 - Oliver Sacks, a neurologist and best-selling author who explored the human brain one patient at a time, has died of cancer. He was 82.
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Google, Sanofi Join Forces on Diabetes Monitoring, Treatment

(MarketWatch/Wall Street Journal) Aug 31, 2015 - Google Inc. said Monday its health-care-research unit agreed to work with European pharmaceutical major Sanofi SA on new ways to monitor and treat diabetes.
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Phase 2 Study of Advaxis's Axalimogene Filolisbac (ADXS-HPV) in Cervical Cancer to be Presented at 2015 AGOS Annual Meeting

(CNNMoney) Aug 31, 2015 - Advaxis, Inc. today announced that final clinical data from Stage 1 of the ongoing two-stage Phase 2 study (GOG-0265) of Advaxis's lead Lm Technology™ immunotherapy, axalimogene filolisbac (ADXS-HPV), in patients with persistent or recurrent metastatic (squamous or non-squamous cell) carcinoma of the cervix (PRmCC), will be presented at the American Gynecological & Obstetrical Society (AGOS) annual meeting.
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