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AGA Answers Call for Quality Colorectal Cancer Patient Info

(AGA) Aug 22, 2016 - Patients depend on the internet for health information, but when it comes to colorectal cancer, currently available resources are not meeting their needs.
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Parents Want 'Opt-Out' Option for HPV Vaccine, Study Finds

(ABC News) Aug 19, 2016 - The HPV, or Human Papilloma Virus, vaccine has continued to be seen as controversial. Despite years of recommendations and support from leading medical institutions, parents remain wary about requiring children to receive an HPV vaccination for school admissions, according to a new study.
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Nanoparticle that Mimics Salmonella Counteracts Chemotherapy Resistance

(NCI/Cancer Currents Blog) Aug 22, 2016 - Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Medical School have designed a nanoparticle that mimics the bacterium Salmonella and may help to counteract a major mechanism of chemotherapy resistance.
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Socioeconomic Factors—Not Race or Ethnicity—Influence Survival of Younger Patients with Multiple Myeloma

(Wiley) Aug 22, 2016 - Advances in the treatment of multiple myeloma, a cancer that forms in a type of white blood cell, have led to improved survival predominantly among young and white patients, with less of an increase in survival observed in patients of other ethnicities.
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Increased Eye Cancer Risk Linked to Pigmentation Genes That Dictate Eye Color

(OSUCCC - James) Aug 19, 2016 - New research links specific inherited genetic differences (alterations) to an increased risk for eye (uveal) melanoma, a rare form of melanoma that arises from pigment cells that determine eye color.
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With $14 Billion Purchase, Pfizer Signals That Cancer Drug Prices Will Remain High

(Forbes) Aug 22, 2016 - Pfizer says it will purchase biotechnology upstart Medivation for $14 billion in cash. The main prize in the deal: Medivation’s prostate cancer drug, Xtandi, which costs $120,000 a year and generated $2.2 billion in sales over its last four quarters.
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Pfizer to Buy Cancer Drug Maker in $14 Billion Deal

(New York Times/DealBook) Aug 22, 2016 - Medivation, which makes treatments for prostate and breast cancers, has finally found its buyer in a fellow American drug maker, Pfizer.
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Pfizer Trumps Sanofi With Medivation Deal for $14 Billion

(Bloomberg) Aug 22, 2016 - Pfizer Inc. agreed to buy Medivation Inc. in a deal that values the company at about $14 billion and leaves French drugmaker Sanofi jilted.
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The Profit and Peril of Cancer Drugs

(Wall Street Journal) Aug 19, 2016 - Despite a recent hiccup, new treatments for cancer are among the brightest spots on the drug development landscape. Picking the winners within that field hasn’t gotten any easier for investors, however.
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Immune System and Spirit Kept Cancer at Bay for a Year

(New York Times) Aug 18, 2016 - Jason Greenstein fought off Hodgkin's lymphoma with immunotherapy, but prolonged exposure to chemotherapy and radiation weakened his body. He died Aug. 10.
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Patient Advocates Help Navigate Health Care

(New York Times) Aug 19, 2016 - The nascent profession, just a few years old, handles everything from negotiating lower bills to finding the best doctor.
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Zika Can Infect Adult Brain Cells, Not Just Fetal Cells, Study Suggests

(Washington Post/To Your Health blog) Aug 18, 2016 - The more researchers learn about the Zika virus, the worse it seems.
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Why Big Pharma Gets A Failing Grade On Clinical Trial Transparency

(Forbes) Aug 17, 2016 - Today several pharmaceutical companies are set to meet with New York University assistant professor Jennifer Miller to find out how they scored on her soon-to-be released Good Pharma Scorecard—a comprehensive ranking that will show how effective they are at communicating results from clinical trials that lead up to their drugs getting approved by the FDA.
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Medicare Part D Spending Rose 17% In 2014 Because Of High-Cost Drugs

(Modern Healthcare) Aug 18, 2016 - Medicare spending on prescriptions increased more than 17% in 2014, despite a claims increase of only about 3%, according to data released Thursday.
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Kite Pharma Advisors and Scientific Pioneers in Cancer Immunotherapy Receive Prestigious Cellular Immune Therapy Award

(Kite Pharma) Aug 19, 2016 - Kite Pharma, Inc. today announced that two of its key advisors and scientific collaborators, both pioneers in the field of cancer immunotherapy, have received the renowned Novartis Prize for Clinical Immunology.
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VICC Helps Launch New Alliance for Rare Kidney Cancer

(VICC) Aug 18, 2016 - Children, adolescents or young adults, particularly African-Americans, diagnosed with advanced kidney cancer may actually have a rare form of the disease known as renal medullary carcinoma (RMC) that requires a specialized approach and expert intervention.
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Building a Palliative Care Program from the Inside Out

(ACCCBuzz) Aug 18, 2016 - Palliative care has become an essential part of oncology care, particularly in patients with stage IV cancers, multiple co-morbidities, or advancing cancer despite treatment.
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New Report Presents Bundled Payment Model for Breast Cancer Screening

(Harvey L. Neiman Health Policy Institute) Aug 18, 2016 - JACR study proposes and evaluates bundled payment model for diagnostic imaging services.
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AMERIGEN Announces Final Approval From FDA For Generic Version of Temodar®

(Amerigen) Aug 19, 2016 – Amerigen Pharmaceuticals Limited today announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted final approval to the Company’s Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) for a generic version of Temodar® (temozolomide capsules 5, 20, 100, 140, 180 and 250mg).
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Waltham Cancer Drug Developer Cuts Half Its Workforce After Trial Fails

(Boston Business Journal/Bioflash blog) Aug 19, 2016 - Following the failure of its lead drug to help treat patients with liver cancer more than existing drugs, Waltham-based Cerulean Pharma late Thursday announced it’s cutting nearly half of its employees.
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Nordic Nanovector Completes Recruitment Of The First Cohorts Of Arm 3 And Arm 4 Of Expanded Phase 1/2 Study Of Betalutin® In NHL Patients

(Morningstar) Aug 18, 2016 - Nordic Nanovector ASA, a biotechnology company focusing on the development of novel targeted therapeutics in haematology and oncology, announces that the first cohorts of both Arm 3 and 4 of the expanded Lymrit 37-01 clinical study with Betalutin® have been completed.
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Nobel Laureate, New Technologies Show How Cancer Cells Protect Chromosomes from Decay

(UCCC/Colorado Cancer Blogs) Aug 18, 2016 - Study uses CRISPR gene editing technology and live cell, single molecule microscopy to watch in real-time, for the first time, the essential interaction between telomerase and telomeres.
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Compound From Marine Sponge May Reduce Pancreatic Tumor Size

(UPI) Aug 18, 2016 - Researchers in Florida identified a compound produced by a deep-water marine sponge that appears to shrink pancreatic tumors, according to a study published in the International Journal of Cancer.
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'Born to Be Bad' Or 'Born to Be Benign' — Testing Cells for Esophageal Cancer Risk

(QMUL [UK]) Aug 19, 2016 - Genetically analysing lesions in the food pipe could provide an early and accurate test for oesophageal cancer.
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Doubts About Apatinib for Gastric Cancer, Despite Approval

(Medscape Medical News) Aug 19, 2016 - Three individual groups of physicians have raised doubts about the usefulness of apatinib, a new antiangiogenesis agent, in the treatment of advanced gastric cancer.
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