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Mouse Study: Triple-Therapy Cocktail Shrinks Triple-Negative Breast Tumors

(Johns Hopkins) May 20, 2016 - In a new study using mice and lab-grown human cells, a scientific team led by Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center researchers show how a triple-drug cocktail can shrink triple-negative breast cancers by killing off cancer cells and halting new tumor growth.
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Dietary Experiments In Mice Point The Way To Early Detection Of Cancer Development In Humans

(ESHG 2016) May 23, 2016 - Finding ways to identify those people who are at increased risk of developing colon cancer is crucial, a researcher will tell the annual conference of the European Society of Human Genetics today (Monday).
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Mouse Studies Hold Promise For A Simple, Non-Surgical Treatment For An Aggressive Gastric Neuroendocrine Tumor

(ESHG 2016) May 20, 2016 - Researchers have identified a mutation in the human ATP4a gene that is involved in the gastric acid secretion regulation and has been identified as responsible for an aggressive form of inherited, early-onset gastric NET.
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Skin Cancer Patients Face Deadly Risk Using 'Black Salve' Home Remedy

( May 20, 2016 - People who fear they have skin cancer, or know it, and decide to try an unapproved product called "black salve" may face infection, scarring and worse cancer outcomes, doctors warn.
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Holding Breath For Breast Radiation May Spare Healthy Tissue

(Reuters Health) May 20, 2016 - Women can learn to hold their breath for long stretches during breast cancer radiation treatments, a technique that might help minimize damage to healthy tissue, according to a small study.
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Fertility Info Lacking for Young Women Who Beat Cancer

(HealthDay News) May 23, 2016 - Many young female cancer survivors say they don't receive enough information about preserving their fertility, a new study finds.
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Evidence Suggesting Link Between Cancer And Light Therapy For Newborn Jaundice Is Inconclusive But Warrants Consideration

(Dana-Farber) May 23, 2016 - Two new studies raise enough questions about a possible link between childhood cancer and light therapy for newborn jaundice that clinicians should exercise caution in prescribing the treatment for infants whose jaundice is likely to resolve on its own, according to an editorial published in the journal Pediatrics.
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Older Men Are Still Being Overtested for Prostate Cancer

(New York Times/The New Old Age) May 23, 2016 - Eight years after an expert task force recommended against routine use of PSA screening for men over 75, testing levels have fallen only slightly.
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Time to Colonoscopy Counts After Positive Stool Test

(Medscape Medical News) May 20, 2016 - For patients with a positive fecal immunochemical test, the risk for colorectal cancer increases if diagnostic colonoscopy is delayed beyond 6 months, according to new research.
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Investigational CDK4/6 Inhibitor Abemaciclib is Active Against a Range of Cancer Types

(AACR) May 23, 2016 - Bottom Line: The investigational anticancer therapeutic abemaciclib, which targets CDK4 and CDK6, showed durable clinical activity when given as continuous single-agent therapy to patients with a variety of cancer types, including breast cancer, non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), glioblastoma, and melanoma, according to results from a phase I clinical trial.
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Despite Pressing Need, Survey Finds Most Americans Unlikely to Enroll in Clinical Trials

(MSK) May 23, 2016 - The lack of participation in clinical research may be the Achilles’ heel of today’s cancer community. According to a new survey of more than 1,500 consumers and nearly 600 physicians conducted on behalf of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK), only 35 percent of Americans indicated that they were “likely” to enroll in a clinical trial.
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Proposal to Reduce Medicare Drug Payments Is Widely Criticized

(New York Times) May 22, 2016 - Patients’ advocates have joined doctors and drug companies in warning that the Obama administration plan could jeopardize access to medications.
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Genentech Accused Again Of Cheating Health Care Providers

(STAT/Pharmalot) May 20, 2016 - Yet another health care provider is accusing Genentech of fudging the amount of the Herceptin medicine that the company provides in each vial, causing the facility and many other hospitals to overpay for the pricey treatment.
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Genmab Announces European Conditional Marketing Authorization for DARZALEX® (daratumumab) for Multiple Myeloma

(Genmab) May 23, 2016 - DARZALEX (daratumumab) receives European conditional marketing authorization for heavily pre-treated or double refractory multiple myeloma; first CD38 monoclonal antibody approved in Europe.
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NICE Recommends NHS Use Of Zykadia For Lung Cancer

(PharmaTimes [UK]) May 23, 2016 - Lung cancer patients in England and Wales could soon get 'routine' NHS access to Novartis' Zykadia after the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence backed its use in final draft guidelines.
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MSK Surgeons Present Strategies For Increasing Survival In Soft Tissue Sarcoma Patients

(AATS 2016) May 16, 2016 - Up to 50% of patients with soft tissue sarcoma (STS) develop lung metastases. Effective systemic therapies for metastatic STS are currently limited; when possible, surgical removal of the lung metastases (known as pulmonary metastasectomy, PM) is the preferred treatment.
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Armed With Patent, Foundation Med Sues Diagnostic Rival Guardant

(Xconomy Boston) May 18, 2016 - [Updated, 1:15 pm ET and 7:53pm ET, see below] Cambridge, MA-based Foundation Medicine, which analyzes tumor and blood samples from cancer patients and provides suggestions for potential genetically targeted medicines, is suing rival diagnostic firm Guardant Health.
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The FDA Is Making Huge Changes to How Food Has to Be Labeled

(Fortune/Associated Press) May 20, 2016 - Nutrition facts labels on food packages are getting a long-awaited makeover, with calories listed in bigger, bolder type and a new line for added sugars.
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FDA Delays Rule on Generic Drug Labels

(New York Times) May 19, 2016 - The Food and Drug Administration has decided to put off until 2017 a decision about whether to require generic drug makers to take more responsibility for warning patients about the risks of their products.
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Bad News Delivered Badly

(New York Times/Well blog) May 19, 2016 - Whether a medical judgment is optimistic or pessimistic, poor communication can upset patients who are already anxious.
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FDA Staff Question Utility, Trials Of Novo Nordisk Diabetes Drug

(Reuters) May 20, 2016 - A preliminary review by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration of Novo Nordisk A/S's experimental diabetes drug, IDegLira, questioned the interpretability of the study findings and practical use of the treatment, according to a review posted on the agency's website on Friday.
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Counseling Guidelines Necessary for Pediatric Patients Receiving Fertility, Sexual Function Treatment

(Moffitt) May 19, 2016 - Researchers from two renowned children's hospitals and a National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center are calling for the creation of a panel of experts to develop communication guidelines for pediatric providers to use with young patients facing these issues.
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Dallas, Houston Lapping San Antonio in Texas Cancer Funding Race

(San Antonio Business Journal) May 18, 2016 - The Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas has surpassed the halfway point in its $3 billion funding plan set in motion via a constitutional amendment in 2007 to attack the deadly disease.
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H3 Biomedicine to Begin Trials of First-Ever Gene-Splicing Cancer Drug

(Boston Business Journal/Bioflash blog) May 20, 2016 - Kendall Square-based cancer biotech H3 Biomedicine, created five years ago by Japanese drug firm Eisai, will bring its first drug to human trials in the next month or two with a gene splicing approach that it believes is different from anything else in the industry.
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Opinion: Medicare's Deadly Cancer Care Gamble

(Morning Consult) May 20, 2016 - The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is poised to drastically cut cancer doctors' pay, which could jeopardize the care being provided to many chronically ill seniors. While this proposal is facing an uphill battle due to immense backlash from physicians and patients, we all should find it unnerving that CMS seems so willing to gamble on cancer care and turn seniors into involuntary guinea pigs in the process.
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