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The Days of Biosimilars and Molecular Testing Are Here; Are We Ready?

(NCCN) Aug 23, 2016 - Registration is open for the NCCN policy summit on September 16 in Washington, DC, which will bring together national health care experts for deliberation on the regulation and application of biosimilars and molecular testing in cancer care.
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CMS Correcting Errors to Updated Coverage Policy for Genetic Tests

(ASCO in Action) Aug 22, 2016 - ASCO has confirmed that CMS is currently working to correct technical errors that occurred when they recently updated national coverage policies regarding certain genetic tests.
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A Path Forward on Medicare Payment Reform for Physician-Administered Drugs

(Morning Consult) Aug 23, 2016 - The recent proposal for a large-scale test of payment reforms for Medicare Part B “physician-administered” drugs has generated broad opposition from many patient groups, physician specialty societies and pharmaceutical companies.
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ICER Releases Draft Evidence Report on Treatments for Non-small Cell Lung Cancer

(ICER) Aug 19, 2016 - The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) has released a Draft Evidence Report assessing the comparative clinical effectiveness and value of treatments for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). The report, as well as accompanying draft voting questions, will be open to public comment for four weeks.
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Organ Donations From Cancer Patients 'on the Rise’

(Medscape Medical News) Aug 23, 2016 - Organ donations from patients who have had cancer are becoming increasingly common, says the body overseeing organ donations in the United Kingdom.
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Evolving Field of CAR-T-Cell Therapy

(ESMO) Aug 22, 2016 - Strategies and challenging aspects in the treatment of haematological malignancies and solid tumors.
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Stanford Chemists Develop A New Method Of Cancer Immunotherapy

(Stanford News) Aug 22, 2016 - A team of Stanford ChEM-H scientists has discovered a novel form of cancer immunotherapy, which works by removing certain sugars from the surface of cancer cells and making those cells visible to the immune system.
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How Oesophageal Cancers Grow

(Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute [UK]) Aug 22, 2016 - Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute scientists have shown that unexpectedly, oesophageal cancer cells do not divide faster than their normal neighbours. But unlike normal cells, the tumour cells produce slightly more dividing daughter cells than non-dividing ones, forming a tumor.
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Got a Thyroid Tumor? Most Should Be Left Alone.

(New York Times) Aug 22, 2016 - The data in a new report on thyroid cancer was stunning.
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Novel MRI Technique Distinguishes Healthy Prostate Tissue From Cancer Using Zinc

(UT Southwestern) Aug 22, 2016 - A novel MRI method that detects low levels of zinc ion can help distinguish healthy prostate tissue from cancer, UT Southwestern Medical Center radiologists have determined.
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Annals of Oncology Press Release: Expecting the Worst Increases Side-Effects in Breast Cancer Patients Receiving Adjuvant Hormone Therapy

(ESMO) Aug 23, 2016 - A study of women receiving hormone therapies such as tamoxifen as part of their treatment for breast cancer has found that the number and seriousness of side-effects they experienced were influenced by their expectations.
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Most Popular HRT 'Nearly Trebles Risk Of Breast Cancer’

(The Week [UK]) Aug 23, 2016 - A major new study claims women who take the most commonly used form of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) are nearly three times more likely to develop breast cancer than those who do not.
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Breast Density Matters for Cancer Screening, Study Finds

(ABC News) Aug 22, 2016 - For some women over 50, the density of their breasts could affect how often they should be screened for breast cancer, based on a new study in the Annals of Internal Medicine.
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How Often Should You Get A Mammogram? It Depends On Whether You Have Dense Breast Tissue, Experts Say

(Los Angeles Times/Science Now) Aug 22, 2016 - For women older than 50 who have been confused by conflicting advice on how frequently to get a mammogram, some new science is here to guide their decisions.
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HRT Triples The Risk Of Breast Cancer, Biggest Ever Study Shows

(The Telegraph [UK]) Aug 23, 2016 - Hormone replacement therapy can triple the risk of breast cancer, the biggest ever study has found, following more than a decade of controversy.
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Experimental Cancer Therapy Holds Great Promise — But At Great Cost

(STAT) Aug 23, 2016 - One of the hallmarks of CAR-T: It has to nearly kill you if it’s going to save you.
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Martin Shkreli Weighs in on EpiPen Scandal, Calls Drug Makers ‘Vultures'

(CNBC) Aug 19, 2016 - A growing chorus is calling on the Mylan pharmaceutical company to justify its price hikes on EpiPens, a potentially life-saving medication for children and others facing fatal allergies that has little real competition.
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The Life-Changing Magic of Choosing the Right Hospital

(New York Times/The Upshot blog) Aug 22, 2016 - There’s an exceedingly simple way to get better health care: Choose a better hospital. A recent study shows that many patients have already done so, driving up the market shares of higher-quality hospitals.
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Eli Lilly, AstraZeneca Get Fast-Track Status for Alzheimer’s Drug

(Wall Street Journal) Aug 22, 2016 - AstraZeneca PLC said Monday that the Alzheimer’s drug it is codeveloping with Eli Lilly & Co. has received fast-track designation from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, a status designed to speed up the development of promising new medicines.
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Clinical Trials Doctors Demand Ownership Of Patients’ Data

(Forbes) Aug 22, 2016 - Earlier this month, a consortium of 282 clinical trials doctors, in an article in the New England Journal of Medicine, threw down the gauntlet against data sharing.
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Opinion: How Obama’s FDA Keeps Generic Drugs Off the Market

(Wall Street Journal) Aug 19, 2016 - A flurry of new regulations is raising production costs and reducing competition for branded drugs.
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Talking to Children When a Parent Is Dying

(New York Times/Well blog) Aug 18, 2016 - As health care providers, we struggle with telling patients bad news – with communicating expectations, hopes and fears. It is a difficult but integral part of our job.
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Did The Experimental Cancer Drug 3-Bromopyruvate (3-BP) Cause The Deaths Of Cancer Patients At A German Alternative Medicine Clinic?

(ScienceBlogs) Aug 22, 2016 - German alternative cancer clinics tend to use both alternative medicine and experimental “conventional” medicine that has not yet been shown to be safe and effective in clinical trials.
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San Francisco: The Researcher Disrupting Breast Cancer Drug Trials

(San Francisco Business Times) Aug 22, 2016 - Laura Esserman is all business when it comes to breast cancer.
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New American Cancer Society Breast Cancer Book Offers Newly Diagnosed Hope

(American Cancer Society) Aug 22, 2016 - The American Cancer Society today announced the publication of Breast Cancer Clear & Simple, Second Edition: All Your Questions Answered, an engaging, question-and-answer book written to help newly diagnosed patients quickly digest the crucial information needed to navigate through their breast cancer experience.
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