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Dendreon Sheds N.J. Factory for $43 Million

(Seattle Times) Dec 20, 2012 - Dendreon sold its New Jersey manufacturing plant to drug giant Novartis for $43 million.
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Geron Pinning Hopes on Single Drug Platform

(Xconomy San Francisco) Dec 19, 2012 - In a way, John “Chip” Scarlett’s job since he became CEO of Geron last year has been to resist the allure of science.
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2013 FDA Drug Approval Decision Calendar

(TheStreet) Dec 19, 2012 - Here's an updated list of biotech and pharmaceutical companies with FDA drug approval decisions expected in 2013.
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Gliknik Announces Interim Clinical Data From Use of Its Immunomodulator Drug Candidate in Multiple Myeloma Patients

(Yahoo! Finance) Dec 20, 2012 - Gliknik Inc., a privately held biopharmaceuticals company, today announced that researchers from University of Pennsylvania and University of Maryland presented at the American Society of Hematology (ASH) Annual Meeting interim clinical data from a study that included treatment of high-risk multiple myeloma patients with Gliknik's MAGE-A3 immunomodulator, GL-0817.
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New Immune Therapy Successfully Treats Brain Tumors in Mice

(Duke Health) Dec 17, 2012 - Using an artificial protein that stimulates the body’s natural immune system to fight cancer, a research team at Duke Medicine has engineered a lethal weapon that kills brain tumors in mice while sparing other tissue.
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Preventing Prostate Cancer Through Androgen Deprivation May Have Harmful Effects

(AACR) Dec 20, 2012 - The use of androgen deprivation therapies to prevent precancerous prostate abnormalities developing into aggressive prostate cancer may have adverse effects in men with precancers with specific genetic alterations, according to data from a preclinical study recently published in Cancer Discovery, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research.
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Healthy Lifestyle During Menopause May Decrease Breast Cancer Risk Later On

(UCCC blog) Dec 19, 2012 - Obese, postmenopausal women are at greater risk for developing breast cancer and their cancers tend to be more aggressive than those in lean counterparts.
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Do UK Guidelines Catch More Colon Polyps Than U.S.?

(Reuters) Dec 19, 2012 - UK guidelines for colon cancer surveillance might be better at catching pre-cancerous polyps early on than U.S. ones, a new study suggests.
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R&D Lessons from Pfizer's New Breast Cancer Drug, PD-332,991

(Forbes) Dec 20, 2012 - Earlier this month, Pfizer reported extremely exciting phase 2 results regarding its experimental breast cancer medication, PD-332,991.
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Temple Researcher Shows Link Between Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and Colon Cancer Recurrence and Survival

(Temple Health) Dec 19, 2012 - By all accounts, a combination of colon cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure can be a recipe for medical disaster.
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Texas Governor Asks $3B Cancer Agency to Halt Grants Until Concerns, Investigations Resolved

(Washington Post/Associated Press) Dec 19, 2012 - A $3 billion cancer-fighting effort that’s already under criminal investigation received yet more humiliation Wednesday when Texas Gov. Rick Perry called for a moratorium on new grants until confidence is restored in a once-celebrated agency that has plunged into turmoil in just three years.
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Aspirin Use Tied to Rare Eye Disorder

(New York Times/Well blog) Dec 18, 2012 - Regularly taking aspirin may slightly raise the likelihood of developing a degenerative eye condition, a new study found.
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Pfizer Said to Fire 20% of U.S. Primary-Care Sales Force

(Bloomberg) Dec 18, 2012 - Pfizer Inc., the company that lost its patent a year ago on the top-selling drug Lipitor, is firing almost 20 percent of its roughly 3,000-person sales force for primary-care drugs, said a person familiar with the matter.
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Number of New Drugs Picks Up in Europe and U.S.

(Reuters) Dec 18, 2012 - The number of new medicines approved or pending approval is on the rise on both sides of the Atlantic, painting an encouraging picture for the global drugs industry as it emerges from a wave of patent expiries.
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Doctors with Links to Drug Companies Influence Treatment Guidelines

(Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) Dec 18, 2012 - Doctors with financial ties to drug companies have heavily influenced treatment guidelines recommending the most lucrative drugs in American medicine, an analysis by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and MedPage Today has found.
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Hospitals Fear They’ll Bear Brunt of Medicare Cuts

(New York Times) Dec 18, 2012 - Consensus is building around the idea that the largest Medicare savings should come from institutional providers of care.
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New Mario Lemieux Center for Blood Cancers Brings Patient Comfort, Cutting-Edge Technology and Research Together

(UPMC) Dec 18, 2012 - The newly completed Mario Lemieux Center for Blood Cancers, a state-of-the-art facility equipped with the latest technology and designed to put patients at ease while undergoing procedures traditionally done in an inpatient setting, welcomed its first visitors today at the UPMC CancerCenter’s Hillman Cancer Center.
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Tobacco Companies, 17 States Settle Over Payments

(Reuters) Dec 18, 2012 - U.S. cigarette makers including Philip Morris USA and R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co said on Tuesday they reached a settlement with 17 states in a long-running dispute over the amount of payments they are required to make under the 1998 landmark anti-smoking agreement.
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Woman Dies After Receiving Smoker's Lungs in Transplant

(ABC News) Dec 19, 2012 - Jennifer Wederell, a 27-year-old British woman with cystic fibrosis, died of lung cancer after she received the lungs of a heavy smoker in an organ transplant.
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Cellectis: An Innovative Anti-Cancer Approach

(Yahoo! Finance) Dec 18, 2012 - Cellectis, the genome engineering specialist, announces today the signing of a broad collaboration agreement with the University College of London (UCL) on the development of a therapy program to fight leukemia.
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Amgen Takes Third License for Rights to Use ImmunoGen's TAP Technology

(Yahoo! Finance) Dec 19, 2012 - ImmunoGen, Inc., a biotechnology company that develops anticancer therapeutics using its Targeted Antibody Payload (TAP) technology and antibody expertise, today announced that Amgen has licensed the exclusive right to use the Company’s maytansinoid TAP technology to develop anticancer therapeutics to a third target, which is undisclosed.
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Geography Matters: When Where You Live May Determine If You Live

(Huntsman Cancer Institute) Dec 13, 2012 - People who reside in rural areas of Utah are less likely to follow colorectal cancer (CRC) screening recommendations than their urban counterparts, according to researchers from Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) at the University of Utah.
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Half of All British Men Will be Likely to Develop Cancer by the Year 2027, as Threat of Disease Continues to Grow

(Daily Mail UK) Dec 18, 2012 - Half of Britain's male population will be likely to face a cancer diagnosis during their lifetime by the year 2027, experts have predicted.
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Association of Community Cancer Centers Releases Study on End-Stage Prostate Disease Outcomes and Decision Aids

(ACCC) Dec 19, 2012 - The Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC) has released a new study on quality outcomes for end-stage prostate disease and an assessment of patient education materials and decision-making tools.
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Innate Pharma: Phase I Clinical Trial of IPH2102/BMS-986015 in Combination With Ipilimumab Announced

(Innate Pharma) Dec 19, 2012 - Innate Pharma SA, the innate immunity company developing first-in-class drugs for cancer and inflammatory diseases, today announces that a second Phase I combination trial for IPH2102/BMS-986015 was published on the NIH website
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