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Bracing for New Challenges in Year 2 of Health Care Law

(New York Times) Sept 2, 2014 - Early troubles under the Affordable Care Act are expected to be replaced by new difficulties as insurance prices fluctuate and more people sign up.
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New Genzyme Pill Will Cost Patients $310,250 a Year

(Boston Globe) Sept 2, 2014 - Cambridge biotech Genzyme has priced its new pill to treat Gaucher disease at $310,250 a year for the small population of US patients suffering from the rare genetic disorder.
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Opinion: Health Care and the $20,000 Bruise

(Wall Street Journal) Sept 2, 2014 - How to fight an outrageous hospital bill in 10 easy steps. First: Be a doctor or nurse. Then learn about upcoding.
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AMA Bemoans CMS Sunshine Data Problems: 'It's Hard to Unring the Bell'

(Wall Street Journal/Pharmalot blog) Sept 3, 2014 - The database is expected to go live on Sept. 30, but the AMA wants a six-month postponement to compensate for the problems. So far, CMS says no.
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Dueling Studies: The ‘Angelina Jolie Effect’ Is Influencing Women Fighting Cancer — But the Influence May Not Do Much Good

(Washington Post/Morning Mix blog) Sept 3, 2014 - The research about the “Jolie effect” was presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology Breast Cancer Symposium in San Francisco this week, Canadian researchers claimed to demonstrate the medical benefits of “the Angelina effect,” CityNews Toronto reported.
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Enzyme Controlling Metastasis of Breast Cancer Identified

(UC San Diego Health System) Sept 2, 2014 - Researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine have identified an enzyme that controls the spread of breast cancer.
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Double Mastectomy Rise Doesn't Boost Cancer Survival Rate

(Bloomberg) Sept 3, 2014 - The number of women who have both breasts removed following a cancer diagnosis has risen to more than 1 in 10, even as a new study shows the surgery doesn’t improve survival over less drastic treatment.
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CMS Announces ICD-10 Testing Weeks in Preparation for October 1, 2015, Compliance Deadline

(ASCO in Action) Sept 2, 2014 - Leading up to the October 1, 2015 ICD-10 compliance deadline, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has announced the following three ICD-10 testing weeks:
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AstraZeneca Signs Oncology Pact with Redx Pharma

(PharmaTimes [UK]) Sept 3, 2014 - AstraZeneca has entered into a cancer collaboration with Redx Pharma, which operates from the Anglo-Swedish drugmaker’s former R&D headquarters at Alderley Park.
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Cancer Drugs Fund Makes No Sense, Says Head of Drugs Rationing Body Nice

(The Telegraph [UK]) Sept 2, 2014 - Sir Andrew Dillon, the chief executive of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence told MPs it was illogical that the Cancer Drugs Fund paid for medication that Nice ruled was not cost effective.
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Teva Launches SYNCareTM Home Administration Support Program for Patients on SYNRIBO® (Omacetaxine Mepesuccinate) for Injection

(Yahoo! Finance) Sept 3, 2014 - Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. today announced the launch of SYNCareTM, a comprehensive program designed to support patients taking SYNRIBO® (omacetaxine mepesuccinate) for injection, for subcutaneous use, at home.
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Spectrum CEO: Fusilev Sales Healthy, 'Blockbuster' Announcement Soon

(TheStreet [see video]) Sept 2, 2014 - Sales of Spectrum's drug Fusilev for patients with metastatic colorectal cancer remain strong heading into the remainder of 2014.
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Sunesis Takes a Run Through the Feuerstein-Ratain Rule

(TheStreet) Sept 2, 2014 - Results from Sunesis' phase III study in acute myeloid leukemia should be released this month or next.
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Infinity Pharmaceuticals to Collaborate with AbbVie on Blood Cancer Treatments

(Boston Globe) Sept 3, 2014 - Infinity Pharmaceuticals Inc. of Cambridge will receive a $275 million upfront payment from drug giant AbbVie Inc. as part of a new global collaboration to develop and commercialize an Infinity drug candidate for blood cancers, the two companies said in a Wednesday press release.
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GE Gets Approval for 3-D Mammogram Machine

(NASDAQ/Dow Jones Business News) Sept 2, 2014 - General Electric Co. won approval from the Food and Drug Administration to offer its 3-D breast-imaging technology in the U.S., the company said, adding substantial new competition to the fast-growing market dominated by Hologic Inc.
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Key Research from the 2014 Breast Cancer Symposium Highlights Advances in Breast Cancer Prevention, Screening, and Therapy

(ASCO) Sept 2, 2014 - Five studies from the 2014 Breast Cancer Symposium were highlighted today in an embargoed presscast for reporters. Presentations focused on new studies exploring preventive mastectomy, compliance with recommended screening mammography, and risk of recurrence after pre-surgery therapy for breast cancer.
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Puma Biotechnology Announces Late-Breaking Oral Presentation on Neratinib in NSCLC with HER2 Mutations at ESMO 2014

(Puma Biotechnology) Sept 3, 2014 - Puma Biotechnology, Inc. announced that data from a Phase II clinical trial of its investigational drug PB272 (neratinib) for the treatment of patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) that has a HER2 mutation will be presented as a late-breaking oral presentation at the ESMO 2014, September 26-30, in Madrid, Spain.
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Personal Reminders Seem to Boost Mammography Rates

(U.S. News & World Report/HealthDay News) Sept 3, 2014 - Reminder letters signed by family doctors improve the chances that women who are overdue for mammography will return for the breast cancer screening, a new study finds.
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Complication Rates Low with Mastectomy, Breast Reconstruction: Study

(Consumer HealthDay News) Sept 2, 2014 — Complications are rare among breast cancer patients who undergo mastectomy and reconstruction, a new study indicates.
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New ASCO Guideline for HER2-negative Advanced Breast Cancer

(Medscape Medical News) Sept 2, 2014 - The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) has issued a new guideline for the treatment of patients with HER2-negative advanced breast cancer.
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Double Mastectomies Don't Increase Cancer Survival Rates

(NPR/Shots blog) Sept 2, 2014 - The biggest study yet on the question has found no survival benefit with bilateral mastectomy compared with breast-conserving surgery with radiation.
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Exelixis to Lay Off 70 Percent of Staff After Prostate Cancer Drug Bombs

(San Francisco Chronicle/The Tech Chronicles blog) Sept 2, 2014 - Exelixis is watching its stock plummet after its experimental drug failed to prolong the lives of men with advanced prostate cancer in an important, late-stage clinical trial.
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Doctors Are Shifting Their Business Models

(Los Angeles Times) Aug 31, 2014 - With insurance companies often paying doctors less for their services and with paperwork increasing, Dr. Gregory Yu was putting in longer workdays to squeeze in more patients.
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Germany's Bayer to Launch Three New Xarelto Trials

(Reuters) Aug 29, 2014 - Germany's Bayer unveiled plans to launch three new studies to expand the uses of its anti-clotting drug Xarelto, one of its top five new medicines.
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Cholesterol Drug Halves Heart Attack and Stroke in Early Test

(New York Times/Reuters) Aug 31, 2014 - An experimental cholesterol-lowering drug from Sanofi and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals cut roughly in half the number of heart attacks and strokes in a clinical trial, researchers reported on Sunday.
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