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European Code Against Cancer Calls for Smoke-free, Active Lives

(Reuters) Oct 14, 2014 - Cancer experts issued a 12-point code on Tuesday aimed at preventing up to half of all new cases of the disease in Europe by guiding people towards smoke-free, active lives free from cancer-causing infections and substances.
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AstraZeneca Looks to EU Decision for Next Cancer Drug Boost

(Reuters) Oct 14, 2014 - AstraZeneca's cancer drug pipeline, already on a roll following promising clinical trial results, could get a further boost next week from a European green light for an experimental medicine against ovarian cancer.
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Bio-Inspired ‘Nano-Cocoons’ Offer Targeted Drug Delivery Against Cancer Cells

(NC State News) Oct 13, 2014 - Biomedical engineering researchers have developed a drug delivery system consisting of nanoscale “cocoons” made of DNA that target cancer cells and trick the cells into absorbing the cocoon before unleashing anticancer drugs.
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Experts Say Body Position in Breast Cancer Radiation Treatment Matters

(OSUCCC - James) Oct 12, 2014 - A new treatment board which allows patients to lie on their stomach in the prone position during radiation treatment is proving more effective for breast cancer patients at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center – Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute.
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Study Sheds Light on Factors that May Contribute to Pancreatic Cancer

(Wiley) Oct 14, 2014 - New research that provides a better understanding of pancreatic cancer may help identify individuals at increased risk. The findings are published early online in CANCER, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer Society.
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Immune Cells in the Liver Drive Fatty Liver Disease and Liver Cancer

(Helmholtz Zentrum München [Bonn, Germany]) Oct 14, 2014 - Immune cells that migrate to the liver and interact there with liver tissue cells get activated by metabolic stress (e.g. through lipids of a high fat diet) and drive the development of fatty liver disease, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis and liver cancer.
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Oral Drug Reduces Formation of Precancerous Polyps in the Colon, UB Researchers Find

(University of Buffalo) Oct 10, 2014 - An oral biologic medication has successfully treated chronic, precancerous inflammation in the intestine.
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Drug May Prevent Bladder Cancer Progression, Say Stanford Researchers

(Stanford Medicine/Scope blog) Oct 13, 2014 - Researchers have found that low doses of a drug called FK506 currently used to prevent the rejection of transplanted organs can prevent the progression of "carcinoma in situ" or CIS into invasive bladder cancer in mice.
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New Bone Marrow Cancer Drug Trial

(Yahoo! News UK/Press Association) Oct 13, 2014 - A new drug to treat patients with bone marrow cancer without the toxic side effects is expected to go on trial next year, Imperial College London (ICL) has said.
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ASCO Endorses CAP/IASLC/AMP Guideline on EGFR and ALK Molecular Testing for Patients with Lung Cancer

(ASCO) Oct 13, 2014 - The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) today issued an endorsement of the joint College of American Pathologists (CAP)/International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC)/Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP) clinical practice guideline on molecular testing for selection of patients with lung cancer for therapies targeting epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) and anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK).
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Skipping ALND in Some Early Breast Cancers Is Criticized

(Medscape Medical News) Oct 13, 2014 - The American Society of Clinical Oncology's (ASCO's) new recommendation that that some women with early-stage breast cancer and minimal lymph node involvement can forgo extensive lymph node surgery has been questioned separately by two sets of clinicians.
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Poll: Many Insured Struggle With Medical Bills

( Press) Oct 13, 2014 - Having health insurance is no panacea for high medical costs. Overall, 1 in 4 privately insured U.S. adults say they don't have much confidence in their ability to pay for a major, unexpected medical expense.
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Ebola In America: Dallas Nurse Tests Positive For Ebola, Would Be First Transmission In U.S.

(Forbes) Oct 12, 2014 - A female nurse in Dallas has contracted Ebola, according to a preliminary test.
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Breakthrough Replicates Human Brain Cells for Use in Alzheimer’s Research

(New York Times) Oct 12, 2014 - For the first time, and to the astonishment of many of their colleagues, researchers created what they call Alzheimer’s in a Dish — a petri dish with human brain cells that develop the telltale structures of Alzheimer’s disease.
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Hold Your Nose, Swallow: Frozen Fecal Pill for Diarrhea

(Bloomberg) Oct 11, 2014 - Frozen fecal matter that’s swallowed like a pill appears effective against a recurring and sometimes deadly bacterial infection that can cause devastating diarrhea, a study from Boston researchers found.
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New Once-a-Day Pill for Hepatitis C Wins FDA OK

(ABC News/Associated Press) Oct 10, 2014 - Federal health officials have approved a daily pill that can cure the most common form of hepatitis C without the grueling pill-and-injection cocktail long used to treat the virus.
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The American Society of Hematology Elects New Leadership

(ASH) Oct 10, 2014 - The American Society of Hematology (ASH) today announced the election of four new members to its Executive Committee, the governing body of the organization, for terms beginning after the 2014 ASH Annual Meeting December 6-9 in San Francisco.
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Eisai Launches New Online Resource Helping Women Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer Navigate Their Journey

(Eisai) Oct 13, 2014 - Understanding the burden of metastatic breast cancer (MBC), and the toll it takes on patients and their loved ones, Eisai Inc. announced today the launch of, a new online portal designed to provide important resources that may help women with MBC manage their disease and focus on their health and wellness.
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Former Dendreon CEO Gold Working on New Cancer Drug Startups

(Xconomy Wisconsin) Oct 13, 2014 - Fresh off a quick exit for his latest biotech startup, former Dendreon CEO Mitch Gold has a couple of new projects up his sleeve—but he’s not letting on much yet.
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This Device Could Detect Dozens of Cancers With a Single Blood Test

(Wired) Oct 10, 2014 - Early detection, we’re often told, is the surest way to beat cancer. It’s the reason why, year after year, men and women of a certain age dutifully visit their doctors and undergo uncomfortable tests to screen for things like prostate and breast cancer.
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Alchemia Enters Analysis Stage for mCRC Trial

(Australian Life Scientist) Oct 13, 2014 - Alchemia has entered the endpoint analysis phase for its pivotal phase III trial of HA-Irinotecan in metastatic colorectal cancer.
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Cancer Genetics Inc. Announces Collaboration With Leading Oncology Researchers at Columbia University to Identify Genomic Signatures, Biomarkers and Novel Treatments for MDS and AML

(Cancer Genetics) Oct 13, 2014 - Cancer Genetics, Inc. announced today that it has entered into a research collaboration with Columbia University researchers to identify more accurate diagnostic and prognostic markers for myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS), as well as novel therapies to target this class of bone marrow cancers.
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Bristol-Myers Squibb, Pharmacyclics and Janssen Announce Clinical Collaboration to Evaluate OPDIVO® (nivolumab) and IMBRUVICA®(ibrutinib) in Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

(Yahoo! Finance) Oct 13, 2014 - Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, Pharmacyclics, Inc., and Janssen Research & Development, LLC announced today they have entered into a clinical trial collaboration agreement to evaluate the safety, tolerability and preliminary efficacy of Bristol-Myers Squibb’s investigational PD-1 immune checkpoint inhibitor OPDIVO® (nivolumab) in combination with IMBRUVICA® (ibrutinib).
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Dynavax Initiates Phase 1/2 Study of TLR-9 Agonist Immunotherapy in B-Cell Lymphoma

(CNNMoney) Oct 13, 2014 - Dynavax Technologies Corporation today announced initiation of a phase 1/2 clinical trial to assess the safety and preliminary efficacy of SD-101, an investigational Toll-like receptor ("TLR") 9 agonist, in adults with untreated low-grade B-cell lymphoma.
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New Computational Approach Finds Gene That Drives Aggressive Brain Cancer

(CUMC) Oct 9, 2014 - Using an innovative algorithm that analyzes gene regulatory and signaling networks, Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) researchers have found that loss of a gene called KLHL9 is the driving force behind the most aggressive form of glioblastoma, the most common form of brain cancer.
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