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Cancer in Retreat on One Front: Fewer Children Are Dying

(New York Times) Oct 10, 2016 - Deaths from childhood cancer fell 20 percent in the United States from 1999 to 2014. Clinical trials have led to small changes in practice, one expert said.
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FDA Grants Priority Review to Roche's Lucentis for mCNV

(Reuters) Oct 11, 2016 - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has granted priority review for Roche drug Lucentis for treating myopic choroidal neovascularization (mCNV), the Swiss drugmaker said on Tuesday.
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Alnylam Says Trial of Patisiran Can Continue Following Revusiran Halt

(Wall Street Journal) Oct 10, 2016 - Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Inc. said a phase 3 trial for one of its drugs would continue, potentially easing investor concerns over the safety of its portfolio.
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Theranos Sued by Investor Who Accuses It of Securities Fraud

(New York Times) Oct 10, 2016 - Theranos, the beleaguered Silicon Valley blood-testing company, is being accused of securities fraud by a major investor who has sued contending “myriad deceptions, falsehoods and fraudulent conduct.”
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Hospitals Report Skyrocketing Drug Prices Are Challenging Their Budgets

(Washington Post/Wonkblog) Oct 11, 2016 - A third of hospitals reported that drug price increases had a “severe” effect on their budgets and ability to manage costs in the last two years, according to a new survey funded by organizations that lobby on behalf of hospitals.
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Hillary Said It: Medicare IS A Single-Payer System

(Forbes) Oct 11, 2016 - There was another throwaway line in a presidential debate this week, as there was last time. Last time, Donald Trump spoke it; this time, Hillary did. This one, too, was potentially lost in the haze of puerile posturing in the one corner, and resolute attempts not to throw up in the other.
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CancerLinQ LLC CEO Kevin Fitzpatrick Joins CI4CC Corporate Advisory Board

(ASCO) Oct 10, 2016 - CancerLinQ LLC (CLQ LLC) CEO Kevin Fitzpatrick has been appointed to the Cancer Informatics for Cancer Centers (CI4CC) Corporate Advisory Board.
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Dr. Nancy Davidson of U Pitt to lead Fred Hutch / University of Washington Cancer Consortium

(Fred Hutch News Service) Oct 10, 2016 - She will serve as bridge builder across treatment, clinical and translational cancer research at Fred Hutch, UW Medicine, Seattle Children’s and Seattle Cancer Care Alliance to work toward ‘a world without cancer’.
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Medivir Focuses Exclusively On Oncology And Reorganizes To Significantly Reduce The Cost Structure

(Medivir) Oct 10, 2016 - Medivir AB today announces a reorganization of the company and a significant cost reduction in both early research and administrative functions.
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Crescendo Lines Up $790M Takeda Windfall

(Business Weekly [UK]) Oct 10, 2016 - Cambridge UK biopharma business Crescendo Biologics has teed up a potential $790 million milestone bonanza via a collaboration with Japanese pharma giant Takeda.
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IBM Offering U.S. Employees Watson Technology to Identify Cancer Treatments

(Wall Street Journal) Oct 11, 2016 - IBM uses software in several oncology treatment centers globally but says it’s the first time it will be available to U.S. employees.
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Most Hospital Palliative-Care Programs Don’t Have Enough Staff

(Washington Post) Oct 10, 2016 - The majority of these programs fail to meet national guidelines for staffing, a recent study found.
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For the Very Ill, Legally Ending Life Is Increasingly Costly

(Reuters Health) Oct 10, 2016 - People with terminal illnesses may legally end their lives with certain medications in the U.S. state of Washington, but researchers report those drugs are getting more and more expensive.
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Is Indication-specific Pricing for Cancer Drugs on the Horizon?

(Cancer Therapy Advisor) Oct 7, 2016 - The clinical benefits of a drug can vary widely among different indications or different patient subpopulations within the same indication.
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Astellas: Astellas Oncology Announces Winning C3 Prize™ Ideas in Virtual Reality, Online Patient Support and Fatigue-Reducing Light Therapy to Change Cancer Care

( Oct 11, 2016 - Astellas Oncology announced the three winners of the inaugural C3 Prize – a global challenge designed to acknowledge non-medicine innovations to improve the cancer care experience for patients, caregivers and their loved ones – during the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) Annual Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark Friday, October 7.
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Even High-Flying Tesaro and Its Ovarian Cancer Drug Has a Bear Thesis. Here It Is, Explained

(TheStreet) Oct 10, 2016 - Tesaro is soaring, but the company is overvalued if regulators decide to grant marketing clearance for niraparib only in a smaller, more restricted population of ovarian cancer patients.
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Bristol-Myers Partner Ono Drops as Cancer Drug Data Disappoint

(Bloomberg) Oct 10, 2016 - Ono Pharmaceutical Co. shares dropped in Japan trading after its partner Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. released study results for its immune-based therapy Opdivo that fell short of already low expectations in a lung cancer trial that studied wider use of the drug.
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ESMO 2016 Press Release: True Burden of Head and Neck Cancer in France Underestimated by More Than One-Third

(ESMO) Oct 8, 2016 - A nationwide study of head and neck cancers in France has revealed that the true burden of the disease is underestimated by at least one-third, and that head and neck cancers carry a very high risk of secondary primary cancers, according to two presentations at the ESMO 2016 Congress in Copenhagen.
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Action on European Cancer Care Disparities ‘Essential’

(Medscape Medical News) Oct 10, 2016 - A combination of ambitious targets and measurable outcomes will be needed if the stark disparities in cancer care and outcomes are to be tackled and reduced, say a group of leading experts.
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ESMO 2016 Press Release: Single-Arm Trials Improve Early Access to Rare Cancer Drugs

(ESMO) Oct 10, 2016 - Although randomised clinical trials (RCTs) remain the gold standard for evaluating the benefit/risk of cancer drugs, single-arm trials (SATs) can provide invaluable opportunities to speed up cancer drug development and approval, in particular for drugs with dramatic activity and strong biological rationale in small populations with high unmet need.
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ESMO 2016 Press Release: Financial Difficulties Linked to Worse Outcomes From Cancer Treatment

(ESMO) Oct 10, 2016 - Financial difficulties can significantly impact a cancer patient’s quality of life during treatment and may even increase their risk of death, according to the results of a pooled analysis presented at the ESMO 2016 Congress in Copenhagen.
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ESMO 2016 Press Release: First Feasibility Study of the ESMO-MCBS Scale in Rare Tumor Entities

(ESMO) Oct 10, 2016 - The results of the first study analysing the application of the ESMO-Magnitude of Clinical Benefit Scale (ESMO-MCBS) in a real-life context for rare tumour entities, were announced today at the ESMO 2016 Congress in Copenhagen.
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ESMO 2016 Press Release: Best of ESMO 2016 Congress

(ESMO) Oct 11, 2016 - ESMO 2016 Congress has broken records, not only of attendance, but in terms of the quality science being presented, that will impact the practice of oncology,” said Professor Andrés Cervantes, Scientific Chair of the ESMO 2016 Congress at the closing press conference today.
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A New Strategy For Choosing Cancer Drugs

(MIT News) Oct 10, 2016 - In a new approach to devising more personalized treatments, researchers at MIT and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute have developed a novel way to test tumors for drug susceptibility.
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A Noninvasive Approach May Identify Glioblastoma Patients Suitable for Antiangiogenic Therapy

(AACR) Oct 10, 2016 - Radiomics, an approach that combines imaging and computation, can stratify patients with recurrent glioblastoma into those who are likely to benefit from the antiangiogenic therapy bevacizumab (Avastin) and those who do not, according to a new study.
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