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Radiotherapy Can Be Used In Hard-to-treat Bladder Cancer

(ICR [UK]) Jan 13, 2020 - More targeted forms of radiotherapy can effectively treat bladder cancer which has spread to the lymph nodes of the pelvis, according to a new clinical trial.

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Howard Sandler, MD, MS, FASTRO (Posted: January 13, 2020)


Radiotherapy as primary treatment (along with TUR and chemotherapy) is having a bit of a renaissance. The BC2001 study, using 5FU and mitomycin along with radiation, demonstrated a non-cisplatin regimen can be effective. Recently published RTOG 0712 (Coen JJ JCO 2019) showed that single agent gemcitabine can be used. Finally, SWOG/NRG have a large open bladder preserving trial testing whether bladder intact survival can be enhanced with immune checkpoint inhibition. Promising times for bladder preservation!



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