Integrated Patient Care Intelligence

Enhancing the quality of patient care takes integrated and actionable clinical analytics. The depth and breadth of IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions’ analytics represent more than 110,000 cancer patients, over 6.7 million administrations of drug therapy, and national EMR data that represents more than 200 oncologists.

Treatment Analytics
  • Physician-level treatment regimen insights that identifies MD based on treatment or non-treatment of patient on drug or regimen
  • Competitor product usage and treatment sequence that allows you to understand how your competition is being used alone, in combination or relative to treatment sequence
  • Rare condition targeting identifies practices and MDs that treat rare conditions
  • Patient switch opportunities by line of therapy or targeted sequencing scenarios

Drug Utilization and Profiling
  • Real-world clinical intelligence to better understand MD usage of drugs in order to modify behavior
  • Optimize marketing spend by delivering the right tactic to the right MD by understanding insights such as under-dosing, toxicity management, and drug cycle utilization

Payer Analytics
  • Risk management assessment that allows predictive and comparative analytics tools for payers to better understand and manage issues around risk modeling, the post enrollment risk environment and exchange risk structures
  • Cost drivers on improving quality of care and condition, member, physician, and hospital level, thus representing a great expansion in the depth and breadth of data needed to be accessed and analyzed
  • Claims, operational, and clinical data integration by accessing and incorporating various unstructured data elements

Contract Performance Analytics
  • Contract evaluation to identify lost sales opportunities and to maximize product utilization among physicians
  • Optimize marketing spend to deliver the right tactic to the right physician in order to change behavior

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