Women With Breast Cancer Delay Care When Faced With High Deductibles

One thought on “Women With Breast Cancer Delay Care When Faced With High Deductibles

  1. Payer cost-sharing requirements for patients are an anathema, abomination and disgrace all rolled into one. The current story reiterates, yet again, the issue of seriously ill patients delaying or forgoing needed treatment because of cost-sharing terms in their insurance plan. Cost-sharing is such a nice, euphemistic way to describe what is the abhorrence of this insurer patient-gouging strategy. Indeed, as I am wont to ask, is there still really health insurance that protects seriously ill patients from catastrophic events? If there is, it is “slip, slip sliding away” as commercial payer revenue keeps rising.
    The solution is legislation that would eliminate on the private payer side and public payer side cost-sharing arrangements such as deductibles, co-insurance, and co-pays for those diagnosed with and battling serious life-threatening illnesses. A list of such illnesses should be delineated that deserve such protection to assure patient access to necessary therapies.
    I developed the Terminal Illness program that Aetna instituted in 1992. To establish a solid patient-oriented and humane piece of legislation is a relatively easy “to do”. Then, we can see who truly stands in support of patients! We should move forward as we seek to serve and treat seriously ill patients in need!

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