Major Players: Market Cap > $50M (sorted descending by Market Cap)

Micro Cap < $50M (sorted descending by Market Cap)

Private, OTC & Foreign Exchange Companies

Telesta Therapeutics Inc.
Cold Genesys, Inc.
AB Science S.A.
Acacia Pharma Inc.
Acetylon Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
ACT Biotech, Inc.
Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Actinium Pharmaceuticals, Inc
Adaptimmune Therapeutics plc
ADC Therapeutics SA
Aduro BioTech, Inc.
Advanced Accelerator Applications
Advantagene, Inc.
Affimed Therapeutics AG
Agennix AG
Agensys, Inc.
Aileron Therapeutics, Inc.
Alchemia Limited
Alligator Bioscience AB
Alopexx Oncology, LLC
AlphaVax, Inc.
Altor BioScience Corporation
Angimmune LLC
Angiochem, Inc
Angstrom Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Annias Immunotherapeutics Inc.
Antigen Express, Inc.
Apogenix GmbH
Aposense Ltd.
Aptose Biosciences
Areva, Inc.
Arno Therapeutics, Inc.
AROG Pharmaceuticals Inc
Ascend Biopharmaceuticals Ltd
Ascenta Therapeutics
Aslan Pharmaceuticals
Aspyrian Therapeutics, Inc.
Asterias Biotherapeutics, Inc.
Atterocor, Inc.
Axelar AB
Basilea Pharmaceutica, Ltd.
Bavarian Nordic A/S
Baxalta, Inc.
Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals Inc.
BBB Therapeutics
BeiGene LTD
Belrose Pharma Inc
Benovus Bio, Inc.
Berg, LLC
BerGenBio AS
BeyondSpring Pharmaceuticals, Inc
BioCancell Ltd.
BioClin Therapeutics, Inc.
Biodesix, Inc.
BioInvent International
BioMed Valley Discoveries, Inc.
Bionomics Limited
Bionovo, Inc
BioNumerik Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Biothera, Inc.
Biovest International, Inc.
Blaze Bioscience, Inc.
Boehringer Ingelheim Corporation
Boston Biomedical, Inc.
Caladrius Biosciences, Inc.
Cancer Advances, Inc.
Cancer Prevention Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Cantex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Castle BioSciences Inc.
Cavion, LLC.
Cellerant Therapeutics, Inc.
Champions Oncology, Inc.
Cleave Biosciences, Inc.
Constellation Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Cornerstone Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Cortice Biosciences, Inc.
Corvus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
CureVac GmbH
Cytimmune Sciences, Inc.
Daiichi Sankyo, Inc.
Debiopharm Group
Deciphera Pharmaceuticals LLC
Dekk-Tec, Inc.
Diffusion Pharmaceuticals LLC
DNAtrix, Inc.
Dompe Pharmaceutical, Inc.
Eisai Inc.
Elesion Pharmaceuticals, LLC
EMD Serono, Inc. / Merck KGaA
Epeius Biotechnologies Corporation
EpicentRx, Inc.
ERYtech Pharma, Inc.
Esperance Pharmaceuticals
Etubics Corporation
EUSA Pharma
Fennec Pharma, Inc.
Formula Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
G1 Therapeutics, Inc.
Galapagos NV
Galera Therapeutics, Inc.
Gamida Cell Ltd. - Stem Cell Therapy Technologies
Gem Pharmaceuticals, LLC
Genelux Corporation
Genentech Inc. / Roche
Genmab, Inc.
Genoptix, Inc.
Genprex, Inc.
GenSpera, Inc.
Genus Oncology, LLC
Gliknik Inc.
Gradalis, Inc.
Harbor Therapeutics, Inc.
Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Helomics Corporation
Helsinn Therapeutics, Inc.
Igencia, Inc.
immatics Biotechnologies GmbH
Immune Cell Therapy
Immunicum AB
Immunocore, Ltd.
Immunovaccine, Inc.
Innate Pharma S.A.
Innocrin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
IRX Therapeutics
ISA Pharmaceuticals B.V.
Isarna Therapeutics GmbH
Janssen Biotech, Inc. / Johnson & Johnson
Janssen Diagnostics, LLC
Kadmon Corporation, LLC
Karus Therapeutics Limited
Kiadis Pharma B.V.
Kinex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Kirax Corporation
Kiromic Corporation, Inc.
Kolltan Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Kura Oncology, Inc.
Kyowa Hakko Kirin Co, Ltd.
Light Sciences Oncology
Lycera Corp.
Madison Vaccines Incorporated
MediFocus Inc.
MedImmune, LLC
Memgen, LLC
Mentrik Biotech LLC
Merrion Pharmaceuticals, LLC
Mersana Therapeutics, Inc.
Mesoblast Ltd
Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company
Mirna Therapeutics, Inc.
MolMed S.p.A.
Mologen AG
Monogram BioSciences Inc.
MorphoSys AG
Morphotek, Inc.
MultiVir, Inc.
NanoCarrier Co., Ltd
Nanotherapeutics, Inc.
Navidea Biopharmaceuticals Inc
Nemucore Medical Innovations, Inc.
Neon Therapeutics, Inc.
NEONC Technologies
Neotropix, Inc.
Nereus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Nordion Inc.
NovaRx Corporation
Novimmune SA
Novocure Limited
Noxxon Pharma AG
NuvOx Pharma LLC
Oasmia Pharmaceutical AB
OBI Pharma, Inc.
Oncobiologics, Inc.
Oncocuetics, Inc.
Oncolys BioPharma Inc.
Oncopeptides AB
OncoRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Opsona Therapeutics Ltd
Orion Genomics
Oryzon Genomics
Ose Pharma SA
Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc.
Oxford BioTherapeutics
Oxis Biotech, Inc.
PDS Biotechnology Corporation
Peloton Therapetuics, Inc.
PharmaMar SA
Pique Therapeutics, Inc.
Plexxikon Inc.
Polaris Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Polyphor Ltd
PRISM Pharma Co., Ltd.
Progen Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Promedior, Inc.
ProNAi Therapeutics Inc
PsiOxus Therapeutics, Ltd.
R-Pharm US LLC
Rich Pharmaceuticals, Inc
Samumed, LLC.
Senhwa Biosciences, Inc.
SillaJen, Inc.
Sopherion Therapeutics, LLC
Sotio, Inc.
Syndax Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Synthon Biopharmaceuticals, Inc
Tactical Therapeutics, Inc.
Taiho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Targazyme, Inc.
Telormedix SA
Tensha Therapeutics, Inc.
Tocagen, Inc.
Tolero Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Tragara Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Transgene SA
Triphase Accelerator Corporation
TVAX Biomedical, Inc.
Unum Therapeutics, Inc.
Vaccinogen, Inc.
Vanquish Oncology Inc.
Vaxon Biotech, Inc.
VentiRx Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Vicus Therapeutics, Inc.
Wellstat Therapeutics Corporation
Wilex AG
Xcovery, LLC.
XEME Biopharma, Inc.

18,041.55 51.23 (+0.28%)

OBR index

NASDAQ Composite
4,863.14 -25.14 (-0.51%)

OBR index

NASDAQ Biotech
2,906.29 -38.06 (-1.29%)

OBR index

Oxford BioMedica plc
0.00 0.00 (+0%)

OBR index

Industry Performance Indicators

Cancer Patient Volume

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Cancer Drug Dollar Volume

Recent changes in past monthly values are due to updates in pricing information back in time.
How is this calculated?
Source: IntrinsiQ, part of AmerisourceBergen Specialty Group

OBR Index
1,284.53 -3.34 (-0.26%)

OBR index
The OBR Index is a market capitalization index. The index is comprised of OBR Finance companies with market cap values over $50M.

OBR Finance Top 5 Winners

IMMU $3.69 0.3600 +10.81%
INO $10.93 0.4600 +4.39%
STML $5.50 0.1700 +3.19%
CLDX $4.08 0.1200 +3.03%
ARRY $3.27 0.0800 +2.51%

Quotes Are Updated Every 20 Minutes. Companies with a Market Cap of less than $50M are not included.

OBR Finance Top 5 Losers

DVAX $18.53 -2.4500 -11.68%
BPMC $15.89 -1.4200 -8.20%
ADXS $8.06 -0.6300 -7.25%
BPTH $2.31 -0.1800 -7.23%
PIRS $2.05 -0.1500 -6.82%

Quotes Are Updated Every 20 Minutes. Companies with a Market Cap of less than $50M are not included.

bull OBR Bulls

INO 10.9300 7.01 +56%
ARGS 7.1400 4.63 +54%
SCLN 13.1700 9.26 +42%
IMMU 3.6900 2.61 +41%
BPTH 2.3100 1.72 +34%
What is a bull?

OBR Bullish Percentage: 40%

bear OBR Bears

CLVS 14.1600 36.98 -62%
CLDX 4.0800 10.13 -60%
PPHM 0.3900 0.88 -56%
CCXI 2.4000 4.96 -52%
NWBO 1.5200 3.02 -50%
What is a bear?

OBR Bearish Percentage: 60%