Tumor Specific Competitive Intelligence Reports

Our unique position as a leading information source for daily news, pipeline information, upcoming market moving events, and cancer company stock tracking, along with our position in the media allows us to aggregate all this information into a comprehensive yet inexpensive competitive analysis for each tumor type. If we don’t have the information in-house, we know where to find it.
Below you can see a sample Table of Contents, but each report is customizable. Let us do the work for you – we already have the information.

Sample Table of Contents:

  • Executive Summary
    • Overview of key epidemiology, key data, and events
  • Profile and competitive analysis of commercially available products
    • Positioning of each product according to indication
  • Analysis of products in development
    • Key information by phase, drug class and areas of study
    • Upcoming milestones and events
    • Comparison of marketed products vs. pipeline products
  • Overview of recently completed/published clinical trial information
  • 12 month news capsule reviewing tumor specific media coverage
  • Analysis and overview of companies marketing/developing products in that specific tumor type
    • Company profile
    • Tumor Ticker historical market cap & stock price analysis
    • Analysis of financial information related to recent news releases
    • Upcoming pivotal events
  • Predictive analytics (OBR Radar)

Optional elements: customize your report to include:

  • Patent intelligence
  • Market share and sales revenue information

Tumor specific market research reports utilize OBR’s proprietary and exclusive data and resources, including:

  • OBR daily news archives
  • OBR Radar
  • OBR Pipeline Online
  • Tumor Ticker Databases

Other sources include:

  • Clinicaltrials.gov
  • Cancer.gov
  • Individual company websites and reports
  • Analyst reports

Reports can be delivered two weeks after engagement. We look forward to an introductory phone call to discuss customization of the report to meet your needs. Please contact Don Sharpe at (415) 332-3327 or don@obroncology.com.