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Harston Mill
Cambridge, UK CB22 7GG

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Acacia Pharma is developing supportive care product opportunities for post-operative and cancer patients. Patients and healthcare professionals urgently need new and improved interventions in these rapidly expanding, yet poorly served, areas of supportive care, to improve treatment outcomes and patients' quality of life. Acacia Pharma has generated its pipeline of product opportunities using a commercially driven approach to product discovery identifying completely new uses for marketed drugs, a process termed repurposing. This strategy leads to opportunities with a higher probability of success and enables more rapid development. All of Acacia Pharma's repurposed programmes are optimised for their new use using a new route of delivery and dose that are appropriate for the new indication identified, thereby differentiating them from the original marketed product.


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Brand / Product Class Area of Study Phase Partnership
ADP403opamine antagonist antiemeticVarious cancer typesII

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