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Top Lobbyist for Drug Makers Threads a Thicket of Outrage

2/29/2016 01:01 pm

(New York Times) Feb 26, 2016 - Stephen Ubl, who became head of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America late last year, is facing rising criticism of the industry.

ASCO to Hold Capitol Hill Briefing on Big Data in Cancer Care

9/11/2015 12:01 pm

(ASCO in Action) Sept 10, 2015 - ASCO will hold a briefing on Capitol Hill next Tuesday, September 15, at 9:00 AM ET, to discuss how the lack of interoperability in health information technology is a growing public health concern.

FDA Releases Sweeping Food Safety Rules

9/11/2015 11:05 am

(The Hill) Sept 10, 2015 - The Obama administration's release Thursday of two final food safety rules represents the biggest update to America's system of protecting the public against foodborne illness since 1906.

Amgen Seeks FDA Approval for Monthly Dosing Option for Repatha

9/11/2015 11:05 am

(Reuters) Sept 11, 2015 - Amgen Inc said it had asked the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to approve a monthly single-dosing option for its recently approved cholesterol drug, Repatha.

Isis Pharmaceuticals Expands Partnership with AstraZeneca

9/11/2015 11:05 am

(NASDAQ/Dow Jones Business News) Sept 11, 2015 - Isis Pharmaceuticals Inc. received regulatory clearance Friday for its partnership with AstraZeneca, by which the companies will develop antisense drugs for cardiovascular, metabolic and renal diseases.

Is FDA Having Trouble Setting Date for Biomarin, Sarepta Advisory Panels?

9/11/2015 11:05 am

(The Street) Sept 10, 2015 - The Food and Drug Administration might be waffling on Nov. 23 and Nov. 24 as the dates for an advisory committee meeting to review the Duchenne muscular dystrophy drugs from Biomarin Pharmaceuticals and Sarepta Therapeutics.

Kite Pharma Receives Positive Opinion for Orphan Drug Designation in the European Union for KTE-C19, Kite's Lead Cancer T-Cell Immunotherapy

9/11/2015 11:04 am

(Morningstar) Sept 11, 2015 - Kite Pharma, Inc. announced that the European Medicines Agency (EMA) Committee for Orphan Medicinal Products (COMP) has adopted a positive opinion recommending KTE-C19 for designation as an orphan medicinal product for the treatment of PMBCL and MCL.

Quality Cancer Care Alliance Aligns Leading Community Oncology Practices in Commitment to Patient-Centered Care and Clinical Trials

9/11/2015 11:04 am

(Yahoo! Finance) Sept 10, 2015 - A number of progressive, independent community oncology practices located throughout the nation have formed a professional alliance, the Quality Cancer Care Alliance (QCCA), to improve the treatment of cancer patients and to bring a broad range of clinical trials to their communities.

Fox Chase Cancer Center—Temple Health Teams with RightCare to Improve Cancer Care

9/11/2015 11:04 am

(MarketWatch) Sept 11, 2015 - Fox Chase will use RightCare to match high risk oncology patients with post-acute care services that best fit their specific needs.

Wolters Kluwer Drug Database Approved as Oncology Compendium by CMS

9/11/2015 11:04 am

(Yahoo! Finance) Sept 10, 2015 - Medicare and healthcare professionals can determine coverage of oncology drugs based on medically-accepted off-label uses found in Lexi-drugs.

Montefiore and Einstein Receive $3.9 Million NCI Calabresi Grant

9/11/2015 11:04 am

(MECCC) Sept 11, 2015 - Montefiore Einstein Center for Cancer Care (MECCC) and the NCI-designated Albert Einstein Cancer Center (AECC) today announced receipt of a $3.93 million grant from the National Cancer Institute (NCI), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for the prestigious Paul Calabresi Career Development Award for Clinical Oncology (PCACO).

Cancer Research UK and MedImmune Launch Ground-Breaking Biotherapeutics Research Centre in Cambridge

9/11/2015 11:04 am

(Cancer Research UK) Sept 11, 2015 - A new laboratory that will focus on the discovery and development of novel biologic cancer treatments and diagnostics has been opened this week in Cambridge by life sciences minister George Freeman MP.

Diabetes Drug Appears to Eliminate Residual CML

9/11/2015 11:02 am

(Medscape Medical News) Sept 10, 2015 - Glitazones, a class of drug commonly used to treat diabetes, may help eradicate residual cancer cells in chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML), according to a study published online September 2 in Nature.

Blood-Based Test Could Identify Risk for Inherited Colorectal Cancer

9/11/2015 11:02 am

(FCCC) Sept 10, 2015 - The genetic mutations responsible for most inherited colorectal cancers are unknown, hindering diagnosis and treatment options for about 20% of all patients with colorectal cancer in the United States.

New Risk Score for Colorectal Cancer Could Guide Screening Test Selection

9/11/2015 11:02 am

(IUSM) Sept 4, 2015 - Researchers at the Regenstrief Institute and the Indiana University School of Medicine have developed a new risk assessment scoring system that could help physicians judge which patients can forgo invasive colonoscopy testing for cancer screening and which should receive the test.

Wistar Scientists Show Telomerase Can Be Successfully Targeted by a Highly Specific Inhibitor

9/11/2015 11:02 am

(Wistar Institute) Sept 10, 2015 - While there is no "universal" target in cancer, the enzyme telomerase comes close, since it is activated in an overwhelming majority of tumors.

IASLC Wednesday Press Briefing Summary

9/9/2015 12:02 pm

(Morningstar) Sept 9, 2015 - Oncology researchers must "lace up our running shoes," to keep up with the fast pace of lung cancer research, said Dr. David R. Gandara, Professor of Medicine, Division of Hematology/Oncology, director, Thoracic Oncology Program, Senior Advisor to the Director, UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center, Sacramento, Calif.

Dendreon CEO Exits Ahead of Big Debt Payment

6/10/2014 06:03 am

(TheStreet) June 9, 2014 - The desperate Dendreon debacle just descended into despondency with the abrupt departure of Chairman and CEO John Johnson, citing "personal reasons."

Dendreon Announces Presentation of PROVENGE (sipuleucel-T) and DN24-02 Immuno-Oncology Data at the 2014 ASCO Annual Meeting

5/15/2014 09:01 am

(Dendreon) May 14, 2014 - Dendreon Corporation announced today the presentation of two PROVENGE (sipuleucel-T) abstracts from the Phase II STAND study and the PROCEED registry, and one abstract highlighting data from the ongoing Phase II study of DN24-02, an investigational active cellular immunotherapy for patients with surgically resected HER2+ urothelial cancer.

Dendreon Says Prelim. Data from LT Phase II STAND Study Will Be Presented at EAU Congress, Will Show Immune Responses with PROVENGE Enhanced, Sustained

4/11/2014 11:04 am

(Morningstar/Benzinga) Apr 11, 2014 - Dendreon Corporation today announced the presentation of preliminary data from a long-term analysis of the Phase II STAND study demonstrating that tumor-specific T-cell responses appear to be enhanced and sustained when PROVENGE (sipuleucel-T) is given after androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) in patients with biochemically-recurrent prostate cancer (BRPC) at high risk for metastases.

Dendreon Announces Plans to Make PROVENGE(R) Commercially Available in Europe

3/3/2014 12:00 pm

(Dendreon) Mar 3, 2014 - Dendreon Corporation today announced that it plans to make PROVENGE® (autologous peripheral blood mononuclear cells activated with PAP-GM-CSF or sipuleucel-T) available in Europe, beginning with Germany and the United Kingdom.

Dendreon Announces Presentation of PROVENGE® (sipuleucel-T) Data at the 2014 Genitourinary Cancer Symposium (ASCO GU)

1/30/2014 11:02 am

(Dendreon) Jan 30, 2014 - Dendreon Corporation today announced the presentation of four PROVENGE® (sipuleucel-T) abstracts and one abstract for DN24-02, an investigational active cellular immunotherapy, from ongoing clinical trials at the 2014 Genitourinary Cancers Symposium (ASCO GU) from January 30-February 1, 2014 in San Francisco, California.

Your Vote Counts: Who Is the Worst Biotech CEO of 2013?

12/12/2013 01:03 pm

(TheStreet) Dec 12, 2013 - Amarin, Ariad, Vical, Dendreon and Aveo. You get to decide which CEO deserves to wear the badge of shame.

New ACCC Survey Shows Sequester Impacting ALL Cancer Patients

12/6/2013 11:05 am

(ACCCBuzz) Dec 5, 2013 - The failed debt negotiation talks of 2011 led to the 2% across-the-board Medicare sequester that has been squeezing the oncology community since CMS implemented it in April 2013.

Analyst Who Cast Doubt on Provenge Vaccine Settles with SEC

12/4/2013 11:05 am

(Reuters) Dec 3, 2013 - A former hedge-fund analyst who argued that Dendreon Corp's therapeutic vaccine for prostate cancer may hasten the death of patients has reached a settlement with U.S. securities regulators over failure to disclose her financial interests in the company.