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2516 Jane Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

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Precision Therapeutics, a life-science company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is committed to improving outcomes of cancer patients. As leaders in the science of individualizing cancer therapy through the use of a proprietary and unique live-tissue platform, Precision develops novel markers to help guide treatment decisions based on the biological processes of each individual_†_s cancer. Precision_†_s state of the art bioinformatics combined with the analysis of the live molecular, proteomic and genomic activity of each patient_†_s cancer offers an innovative foundation for further development and commercialization of novel predictive markers for cancer therapy.

Website: http://www.precisiontherapeutics.com/

Brand Generic Indication
BioSpeciFx«•molecular screening testBioSpeciFx«• is a select group of clinically relevant molecular tests associated with drug response and patient prognosis.
ChemoFx«•drug response markerChemoFx«• was designed to show chemotherapy resistance and sensitivity over a broad range of agents and tumor types, including ovarian, breast, endometrial, cervical, lung and colorectal.
GeneFxSM Colonmicroarray-based gene signatureGeneFxSM Colon is a microarray-based gene signature developed for stage II colon cancer patients from FFPE tissue. GeneFxSM Colon is performed on a small amount of tissue, removed during surgery or a biopsy. The signature identifies patients at higher risk of recurrence within 5 years following initial surgery.

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