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Oncologists Discuss Bestseller: When Breath Becomes Air

6/24/2016 12:03 pm

(Medscape Medical News) June 23, 2016 - When it was published early this year, When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi, MD, a neurosurgeon at Stanford University in California, immediately rose to number one on the New York Times bestseller list and stayed there for 12 weeks. It has since been translated in 30 languages and has become an international bestseller.

Chemotherapy Improves Outcomes for Certain Patients with Rare Brain Cancer

6/3/2016 02:01 pm

(ASCO Annual Meeting) June 3, 2016 - Patients with anaplastic glioma without 1p/19q co-deletion benefit from adjuvant chemotherapy, according to early results from a European phase III trial.

FDA Approves First-Ever Implant for Opioid Addiction Treatment

5/27/2016 10:03 am

(CNBC) May 26, 2016 - The first-ever implant used to treat opioid addiction won approval from federal regulators Thursday, providing yet another weapon in the battle against an epidemic of opioid use.

ASCO Urges CMS to Withdraw Flawed Medicare Part B Demo in Formal Comments

5/11/2016 11:04 am

(ASCO) May 10, 2016 - In comments submitted today to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the American Society of Clinical Oncology underscored the urgent need to advance a more fair and responsible payment system for oncology than what is proposed in the ill-advised Medicare Part B proposal.

Health-Care Providers Aim to Fight Medicare Drug Plan

3/10/2016 07:00 am

(Wall Street Journal) Mar 9, 2016 - Specialty physicians and other health-care providers have launched efforts to derail a federal proposal to test whether paying doctors less for drugs administered under a Medicare program reduces spending, one day after the Obama administration released the plan.

Quality Reporting Costs $40,000 per Physician per Year

3/9/2016 11:04 am

(Medscape Medical News) Mar 7, 2016 - As the drive for value-based care advances, US medical practices in just four specialties spend an estimated $15.4 billion each year reporting whether they are meeting their quality targets, according to a survey.

EBCC-10 NEWS: Full Dose Radiotherapy To Whole Breast May Not Be Needed In Early Breast Cancer: First Results Of Local Recurrence In Women Participating In the IMPORT LOW TRIAL

3/9/2016 11:01 am

(ECCO) Mar 9, 2016 - Radiotherapy to the whole breast is standard treatment after breast-conserving surgery for women with early breast cancer, even those who have a low risk of the disease returning in the breast (local relapse).

Interpace Receives Medicare Coverage for microRNA Thyroid Cancer Classifier

2/17/2016 12:01 pm

(GenomeWeb) Feb 17, 2016 - Interpace Diagnostics announced today that its Medicare administrative carrier Novitas Solutions has issued a positive coverage decision for the company's ThyraMir microRNA classifier, which is used in conjunction with its ThyGenX oncogene panel to assess fine needle aspiration (FNA) samples from indeterminate thyroid nodules.

Mersana Therapeutics and Takeda Expand Partnership to Advance Development of Fleximer® Antibody-Drug Conjugates and XMT-1522

2/3/2016 11:04 am

(Takeda) Feb 3, 2016 - Mersana Therapeutics and Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited today announced that they have entered a new strategic partnership granting Takeda rights to Mersana’s lead product candidate, XMT-1522, outside the United States and Canada.

ASCO’s Clinical Affairs Department Opens New Survey on Practice Operations

2/2/2016 12:01 pm

(ASCO in Action) Feb 1, 2016 - ASCO’s Clinical Affairs department opened a new annual survey, the 2016 Survey of Oncology Practice Operations (SOPO), which seeks feedback on practice management.

ASCO Urges Alignment with FDA Definition of Compounding in Any Changes to USP 797

2/2/2016 12:01 pm

(ASCO in Action) Feb 1, 2016 - ASCO submitted comments to the United States Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) regarding proposed revisions to General Chapter 797, “Pharmaceutical Compounding – Sterile Preparations.”

Europe Widens Scope of Lilly's Cancer Drug Cyramza

1/29/2016 12:00 pm

(PharmaTimes [UK]) Jan 29, 2016 - The European Commission has green-lighted the use of Eli Lilly’s Cyramza as a treatment for patients with a certain type of lung cancer, as well as for some patients with colorectal cancer.

Living With Cancer: A Broken Covenant With Patients

1/15/2016 11:02 am

(New York Times/Well blog) Jan 15, 2016 - Prestigious medical research institutions have routinely flouted the law on reporting the results of drug trials, putting patients at risk.

What Hematologists Need to Know About Alternative Payment Models in Medicare Part II

1/15/2016 11:02 am

(ASH) Jan 12, 2016 - In an article in December, we explored the impending changes to Medicare physician payment associated with the implementation of the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS).

New CMS Data Release Shows the Growth in Costs from Drugs Associated with Hematologic Conditions

1/15/2016 11:02 am

(ASH) Jan 14, 2016 - In December 2015, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released yet another data set on their website, this time detailing the costs associated with various prescription drugs in the Medicare program.

American Cancer Society Launches New Cancer Statistics Web Site

1/15/2016 11:02 am

(ACS) Jan 14, 2016 - The American Cancer Society has launched a new web tool to make it easier for reporters, the public, and those involved in the cancer fight to find and share cancer statistics.

NIH's Big Cancer Database Coming Soon

1/15/2016 11:01 am

(Washington Post/To Your Health) Jan 14, 2016 - Most experts believe that one important element of Vice President Biden's cancer "moonshot" has to be a major database that researchers and clinicians can access to help them develop new therapies or treat patients.

High Rates of Certain Cancers Plague Asian-Americans

1/15/2016 11:01 am

(STAT) Jan 14, 2016 - There are wide disparities in cancer rates across different racial and ethnic groups, with exceedingly high stomach and liver cancer rates among Asian-Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders, a new study reports.

Largest Breast Cancer Study of its Kind Suggests Several New Potential Drug Targets and Combinations

1/15/2016 11:01 am

(NYU Langone) Jan 14, 2016 - The largest analysis of breast cancer cell function to date suggests dozens of new uses for existing drugs, new targets for drug discovery, and new drug combinations.

New Particle Can Track Chemo

1/15/2016 11:01 am

(Ohio State University) Jan 14, 2016 - Tracking the path of chemotherapy drugs in real time and at a cellular level could revolutionize cancer care and help doctors sort out why two patients might respond differently to the same treatment.

TSRI Chemists Devise Powerful New Method for Modifying Drug Molecules

1/15/2016 11:01 am

(TSRI) Jan 14, 2016 - ‘Strain-release amination’ technique emerged from efforts to help Pfizer synthesize promising cancer drug candidate.

Swansea Uni Uses Artificial Intelligence to Detect Cancer

1/15/2016 11:01 am

(BBC News) Jan 15, 2016 - University researchers in Swansea have trained computers to detect cancer cells using artificial intelligence algorithms.

FDA Delays Decision on Heron's Nausea Drug

1/15/2016 11:01 am

(Reuters) Jan 15, 2016 - Heron Therapeutics Inc said the U.S. Food and Drug Administration had postponed a decision on its injectable drug to treat chemotherapy-induced nausea.

Opinion: A Cancer ‘Moonshot’ Needs Big Data

1/15/2016 11:01 am

(Wall Street Journal) Jan 14, 2016 - Analyzing vast genetic and clinical data from hospitals and doctors would lead to revolutionary advances.

How a Penn Cancer Research Center Caught Joe Biden's Attention

1/15/2016 11:01 am

(STAT) Jan 15, 2016 - On Friday, Vice President Joe Biden will make a University of Pennsylvania cancer center the formal launching pad for the Obama administration’s cancer “moonshot.”