Merrion Pharmaceuticals, LLC (Merrion)

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P. O. Box 3407
Wilmington, NC 28406

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Merrion Pharmaceuticals is a publicly listed specialty pharmaceutical company engaged in the development of oral forms (tablets/capsules) of drugs that have poor absorption and are generally given by injection. Merrion was established in 2003 to commercialise various technologies acquired from Elan Corporation, plc. Merrion's patented drug delivery technologies increase bioavailability, by improving absorption in the gastrointestinal tract, of drugs that are otherwise poorly absorbed.


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Brand / Product Class Area of Study Phase Partnership
OrazolĀ® / MER-101bisphosphonate (oral)Adjuvant Breast cancerIII
OrazolĀ® / MER-101bisphosphonate (oral)Bone metastases associated with Hormone refractory Prostate cancer (HRPC)II
acyline / MER-104GnRH antagonist (oral)Prostate cancerI

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