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Vastra Tragardsgtan 15
Stockholm, Sweden 111 52

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Oncopeptides is working to enhance oncology therapies, by creating cytosuperiors of existing basic cytotoxic compounds. Oncopeptides lead compound, named melflufen, is a cytosuperior of the chemotherapeutic alkylator melphalan.Melflufen is currently undergoing Phase II efficacy studies in patients with relapsed and/or refractory multiple myeloma. A family of enzymes that is expressed at very high levels in cancer cells, such as multiple myeloma cells, causes melflufen and its metabolites to accumulate in the diseased cells. This results in partially targeted delivery of the chemotherapeutic compound to the cancer cells, and thereby better treatment of the disease.

Website: http://www.oncopeptides.se

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melflufencytosuperior of the chemotherapeutic alkylator melphalanMultiple MyelomaII

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