PsiOxus Therapeutics, Ltd. (Psioxus)

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154B Brook Drive Milton Park
Abingdon Oxfordshire, United Kingdom OX14 4SD

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PsiOxus Therapeutics is an Oxford, UK -based development stage biotechnology company using non-traditional approaches to develop novel therapeutics that address cancer and other clinically unmet diseases. In addition to MT-102 PsiOxus is also developing ColoAd1 - an oncolytic vaccine for the systemic treatment of metastatic cancer - which has demonstrated exceptional anti-cancer properties in late pre-clinical development and is now in phase I/II clinical development. The Company is also researching treatments based upon 'armed' versions of ColoAd1 as well as the research phase adjuvant and immunotherapeutic platform PolyMAP, which combines polymers with synthetic adjuvants to significantly enhance the effectiveness of vaccines.


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Brand / Product Class Area of Study Phase Partnership
MT-102anabolic catabolic transforming agentCancer cachexiaII
ColoAd1chimeric oncolytic vaccineOvarian cancerPreclinical
NG-350atumor-specific immuno-gene therapyVarious cancer typesPreclinical
NG-348tumor-specific immuno-gene therapyVarious cancer typesPreclinical
NG-347tumor-specific immuno-gene therapyVarious cancer typesPreclinical

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