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949 Fell Street, 2nd Floor
Baltimore, MD 21231

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Vaccinogen, Inc. is a cancer vaccine company planning to clinically test OncoVAX®, a treatment designed to prevent the recurrence of stage II colon cancer and potentially other solid tumors. It is a patented process that leverages a patient's own live tumor cells to launch a broad immune response against minimal residual disease.


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OncoVAX®immunotherapyColorectal cancerII

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Recent News Headlines

Vaccinogen Announces Filing of Oncavert® Patent Application

6/16/2016 03:03 pm

[PR Newswire] - The Oncavert® patent application relates to methods for characterizing antigenic determinants, which broadly define adenocarcinomas with the guidance of human monoclonal antibodies (HuMabs) reactive to such epitopes. One aspect involves characterization of the critical antigenic determinants (epitopes) with a high degree of inter- and intra-tumor incidence across a broad range of adenocarcinomas. The patent application also relates to the physical recapitulation of the epitopes, generating a cohort of specific peptides, which may be useful for vaccinating humans against a wide range of adenocarcinomas using a limited number of homogeneous tumor antigens. Vaccinogen currently has a cohort of antibodies demonstrating known specific cross reactivity with colon tumors and more broadly with a representative variety of adenocarcinomas.


12/8/2015 06:01 pm

Vaccinogen Believes That Its "Whole-Tumor Methodology" and Focus on "Cancer Heterogeneity" is Supported by Research Published in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)

12/2/2015 12:03 pm

[PR Newswire] - In a manuscript entitled, "Extremely high genetic diversity in a single tumor points to prevalence of non-Darwinian cell evolution," the authors reported on an examination of a single tumor by sequencing or genotyping nearly 300 regions from the tumor. According to the authors, the extreme genetic diversity implies evolution under the non-Darwinian mode, suggesting that a high probability of drug resistance should be heeded, even in the treatment of microscopic tumors. Based on this assessment, the researchers conclude that the possibility of high intratumor diversity even in small tumors suggests a need to reevaluate treatment strategies. Vaccinogen believes that these findings support its whole-tumor methodology and its OncoVAX® immunotherapy platform which was originally designed to address the extreme heterogeneity of cancer.

Vaccinogen Promotes Peter Morsing, Ph.D. to Chief Operating Officer

11/4/2015 12:03 pm

[PR Newswire] - BALTIMORE, Nov. 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Vaccinogen, Inc. (VGEN), a cancer immunotherapy development company, today announced the promotion of Peter Morsing, Ph.D., to the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO). Dr. Morsing previously served as Vaccinogen's Global Head of Business Development & Strategy and is one of five Ph.D.'s that has joined the senior ranks of Vaccinogen in the last 13 months. As COO, Dr. Morsing will oversee Vaccinogen's clinical, logistical, manufacturing and business development activities, as well as manage the Company's Ireland Research Centre in Dublin. Importantly, Dr. Morsing will be responsible for managing Vaccinogen's ACTIVE Phase IIIb OncoVAX® clinical trial, its human antibody program (HuMabs), and the integration of DiCAST, the high throughput, single-cell screening analysis system which Vaccinogen recently negotiated an exclusive option agreement to acquire from Dublin City University.

Vaccinogen Engages D. Barry Boyd, M.D., M.S., as Senior Oncology Advisor

10/28/2015 11:03 am

[PR Newswire] - BALTIMORE, Oct. 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Vaccinogen, Inc. (VGEN), a cancer immunotherapy development company, today announced the engagement of D. Barry Boyd, M.D., M.S., to the newly established position of Senior Oncology Advisor and his appointment to the Company's Medical Advisory Board. Dr. Boyd is a specialist in the treatment of cancer and will provide expert counsel to Vaccinogen as the company pursues its ACTIVE Phase IIIb OncoVAX® clinical trial and expands its human antibody program (HuMabs). Andrew L. Tussing, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Vaccinogen, stated, "Dr. Boyd's extensive experience in oncology will make him an invaluable member of the Vaccinogen team as we continue to demonstrate the significant value potential of our OncoVAX® and HuMabs programs.

Vaccinogen Appoints Michael G. Hagerman to its Board of Directors

10/6/2015 11:03 am

[PR Newswire] - Mr. Hagerman brings more than 40 years of business and leadership experience and is an accomplished entrepreneur with a focus on advancing the field of personalized medicine. Mr. Hagerman will replace Ronald Kaiser, who is leaving the Board for personal reasons. Andrew L. Tussing, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Vaccinogen, stated, "We are very excited to welcome Mr. Hagerman as our newest Board member.

Vaccinogen Enhances Patient-Derived Antibody Program with Revolutionary High-Throughput Single Cell Screening and Analysis System

9/9/2015 11:03 am

[PR Newswire] - Vaccinogen intends to utilize DiCAST to expand and significantly accelerate the Company's human monoclonal antibody (HuMab) program, screening patient-derived biological samples acquired after gaining anti-cancer immunity.

Vaccinogen Names Co-Founder and CEO Andrew L. Tussing as Chairman of the Board

5/5/2015 11:00 am

[PR Newswire] - BALTIMORE, May 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Vaccinogen, Inc. (VGEN), a cancer immunotherapy development company, today announced that its Board of Directors has unanimously elected Co-founder, President, Chief Executive Officer and current Director, Andrew L. Tussing, to the role of Chairman of the Board. "I continue to believe Vaccinogen's patient-specific cancer vaccine platform truly has the potential to revolutionize cancer treatment and serve the greater good," said Dr. Carson. "On behalf of ourselves and Vaccinogen's shareholders, the Board of Directors want to thank Dr. Carson for his contributions to Vaccinogen and for his help in bringing the company to this critical juncture in its history," said Board member Ronald W. Kaiser. "We simultaneously welcome Mr. Tussing to his new role as Chairman.

Vaccinogen Relocates Corporate Headquarters to Baltimore

2/24/2015 12:00 pm

[PR Newswire] - BALTIMORE, Feb. 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Vaccinogen (VGEN), a leading cancer immunotherapy company, announced that it has relocated its corporate headquarters from Frederick, MD to a 10,000 square-foot facility at 949 Fell Street in Baltimore, MD. "We are pleased to announce our relocation to Baltimore with its proximity to leading research universities, biotechnology companies, and Baltimore/Washington International Airport," said Andrew L. Tussing, Vaccinogen's President and Chief Executive Officer. "This places us in an ideal location to attract additional top scientific talent and business leaders to the company as we move forward with our phase III clinical trial of OncoVAX®, a patient-specific immunotherapy for stage II colon cancer.