Angiochem, Inc (angio)

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201 President-Kennedy Ave., Suite PK-2880
Montreal, Quebec H2X 3Y7

Company Description

Angiochem is a clinical-stage biotechnology company discovering and developing new breakthrough peptide drug conjugates that leverage the LRP-1 mediated pathway to cross the BBB to treat neurological diseases. These new compounds have the potential to address significant medical needs, many of which are insurmountable due to the fundamental physiological challenge posed by the BBB. Angiochem is developing a focused product pipeline, including small molecules and biologics, for the potential treatment of a wide range of CNS diseases, including primary brain cancer, brain metastases, lysosomal storage diseases and pain.


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Brand / Product Class Area of Study Phase Partnership
ANG1005paclitaxel peptide conjugateBreast cancer (HER2+)II
ANG1005paclitaxel peptide conjugateGliomaII
ANG4043peptide conjugateBreast cancer (HER2+)Preclinical

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