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August is a sleepy time of the year when everybody is focused on the sand between their toes and important decisions like SPF 30 or SPF 50, right? Wrong. It turns out August ’08 was yet another active month for oncology news and events. In case you missed any of these, I decided I’d recap some of the more meaningful activities we saw here at OBR and share them with you. I’ve broken them into three categories:

OBR Daily
The following table lists, in order, the top 5 widest read news articles on OBR daily for the month of August.

It appears that the debate over CME is top of mind for our oncology readership, and of course new product approvals are always of interest. All these new stories are available on the OBR daily news archives on our website if you want to look back.

Tumor Ticker
What makes for another very interesting story appears in Tumor Ticker. In case you haven’t noticed, we calculate the top 5 winners/losers based on % gain/loss on tumor ticker streaming stock quotes every day. What happened in August? The table below shows the top 5 winners/losers for the entire month.

I know what you’re wondering, where are the Genentech and ImClone deals and ensuing share price appreciations? Those announcements were in July. But isn’t it interesting that the third most read story in OBR daily is about a promising new lymphoma drug that just happens to be owned and developed by Micromet, the number 1 most appreciated stock in Tumor Ticker for the month. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? On the bottom of the ladder we saw Avalon announce that they need to secure financing, and of course Cell Genesys announced that there were a higher number of deaths in the experimental GVAX arm as compared with the control arm, sending that stock plummeting.
You can view the entire Tumor Ticker here

OBR Radar
OBR Radar is our forward looking product anticipating important upcoming oncology events. So while we can look back at August and perhaps draw some conclusions, you may also want to see that there are a few important events coming up. Things to keep an eye on:

You can see more upcoming events listed in the OBR Radar

In Summary
We’ll keep doing these summaries, monthly or even weekly. Which would you like? Our goal is to provide our readers with an opportunity to catch up, remind you what the most recent big stories were, and keep you from being surprised by an upcoming announcement. Let me know if you like it.

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