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Cancer is different. This central point is critical in understanding how physicians interact with patients, societal expectations, how clinical trials are conducted, & how treatment patterns change.  Medical and marketing professionals working for pharmaceutical, lab, and imaging diagnostics companies need to understand the key factors that make cancer care a unique challenge and opportunity in drug development and evolving diagnostics technologies.

The Strategic Cancer Business Master Class being offered for the first time in Dallas, October 19-21, 2016, promises a new opportunity for medical and marketing executives to learn from and meet with a wide array of many of the most influential and experienced experts in the practical aspects of cancer care, including how it is shaped and delivered.

Through this 3-day program, participants will learn about topics ranging from the motivations of both academic and community oncologists and hematologists to the advantages and disadvantages of various clinical trial endpoints, from the business models of various cancer treatment settings to the factors that have the greatest influence on how cancer treatment standards evolve as new trial results emerge.  This course will explore not only the relevant history of key factors that have shaped oncology practice but the evolving landscape that recognizes the growing role of patients and social media, along with new patterns of how oncologists and patients seek relevant information about treatment options.

The faculty include national and international leaders in oncology, ASCO presidents, cooperative group disease committee chairs, policy experts, oncologists based in large community practices, experienced oncology nurses, professional educators, statisticians, and others who understand the history of how cancer care has been shaped and who lead current efforts that will define evolving practice over the coming years to decades. Along with presentations full of valuable teaching points unavailable in other settings, the Strategic Cancer Business Master Class includes ample opportunities to ask questions and have panel discussions of timely topics in this rapidly changing field. Importantly, the formal educational content of the day’s program is supplemented by private networking opportunities and private meal functions that will facilitate valuable connections with the course faculty and other participants.

There is no medical field like that of cancer; this means that the business of cancer is distinct from the strategies of other aspects of pharmaceutical, laboratory, and imaging diagnostics companies for other disciplines. This special teaching program includes content available in no other setting, with a remarkably diverse faculty of experts who can share their insights in a small format with a capacity of just 90 registrants, in order to ensure the scope and interactivity that will make it a remarkably learning opportunity for industry executives seeking to learn the key lessons of what makes cancer different and how to develop winning strategies to reach cancer care specialists.

Click here for the Cancer Business Master Class agenda and faculty, as well as to learn more about how to register.

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