About Us

Mission Statement

OBR is the most comprehensive digital platform for oncology focused news and information.

We aggregate, customize and priortize daily oncology news and publications (OBR Daily for industry and providers)

We research develop and publish original content (OBR green)

We create and produce customized training programs for pharmaceutical professionals (Oncology Business Dynamics)

We conduct, interpret, analyze and produce original research (On-Telligence)

We publish informational resources and editorial perspective to our websites (OBR Radar, Pipeline Online, Blog, etc)

The OBR Mechanism of Action

We build OBR green from scratch every issue. We pick up the phone, go to the meeting, ask important questions, research relevant facts, provide commentary and ideas from our interviews, and add a pinch of our own provocative editorial. In each issue of OBR green we balance the topical business matters with the evolving science that we love about the oncology industry.

Everyday we compile, filter and prioritize the day's oncology news while also providing unique insights and editorials to complement fast moving oncology news. Our readership, loyal users, testimonials grow every week, month, and year because of the quality we put into building OBR daily everyday.

We've been through many iterations of our website, and we feel now that our site has matured into a very user-friendly, resourceful experience for our network members. Allowing broader access to features such as Pipeline Online, OBR Finance, OBR Radar and KOL Commentary allows readers to research and surf our site for important analysis and perspectives.

About You

We only ask that you pick up the phone when we call or return emails when we write. It is the active participation of our audience that allow us grow, improve and become more valuable to the oncology industry.