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Evidence Development and Payer Risk: Planning the Route to Market Access

Evidence Development and Payer Risk: Planning the Route to Market Access (continued)

Incorporating Payer Risk in Clinical Trial Design and Commercial Planning

Given the rising clinical and market access hurdles companies are facing, adequate preparation for a product’s launch from a payer risk perspective should evolve beyond the standard groundwork discussed at the outset. Kantar Health has found that manufacturers can proactively identify blind spots and address pricing and reimbursement risks to speed access to therapy. This involves examining current treatment patterns, future competition, pricing and reimbursement analogues, as well as the general market access environment on a country-specific basis. In addition, identifying likely performance in the context of market access-specific considerations (e.g., price, quality of life, epidemiology; see Figure 3) and partnering with multiple stakeholders within the manufacturer (e.g., regulatory, clinical, ex-U.S. operating companies) early in the lifecycle of a new product will help discover market-specific needs and hurdles. 

This kind of analysis can guide a clinical development team’s thinking about how to generate the evidence needed to secure favorable outcomes beyond regulatory approval and drive a wide variety of activities and decisions about a brand. Examples of potential work streams associated with this analysis include supplemental data gathering, re-forecasting, decisions about indication sequencing, “go/no-go”  business development and licensing decisions, and trial design considerations like the target patient population, comparators and endpoints. These considerations will help speed and smooth the road to market access and ensure that patients in all geographies will have access to the best available therapies.



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Meadow Green is a Consultant in the Oncology Commercial Strategies team at Kantar Health, and Madelyn Hanson, Ph.D. is an Associate Consultant in the Clinical and Scientific Assessment team at Kantar Health.

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Kantar Health provides both the research and consulting services you need to support your business decisions across the product lifecycle for cancer therapies. Our oncology expert status has been earned because of the proprietary material we publish on cancer epidemiology, trends in oncology market access, oncology pipeline potential and treatment trends that help our clients with their business issues.

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