May 2012 Edition Vol.0, Issue 0

Spotlight on Cost of Cancer Care: Panitumumab

Case Study: Panitumumab

Cost of cancer care per patient is driven by dose, schedule, and changes in drug cost. Total cost of care by indication is driven by the same factors plus change in number of patients receiving therapy in a given indication.

Over 95% of panitumumab monthly usage is coming from colorectal cancers, with about a 75% share coming from colon cancer and about 20% from rectal cancer. There is less than 2% use in ovarian cancer. Month to month cost per patient has been relatively steady in colorectal cancers, with a slow 5% increase over the three year course. Change in total monthly cost in colorectal cancers is due to steady patient growth over the three years represented here.

Average Sales Price (ASP) is calculated based on wholesale prices 2 quarters ago. ASP+6% is used to establish the ceiling for reimbursement. ASP+6% pricing data are publicly available at ASP is assumed for all graphs.

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