Impact of 55th ASH Annual Meeting on the Treatment of Multiple Myeloma

In an effort to provide you with timely market feedback from ASH 2013, OBR and MDoutlook are pleased to share results from MDoutlook’s first OncoPoll™ from the meeting exploring Multiple Myeloma.

Global Response from 26 Countries and 126 Respondents


  • Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Sweden, Turkey


  • Argentina, Australia, Chile, China, Egypt, Japan, Jordan, Russia, Yemen

-Survey was fielded 2 days post-55th Annual ASH Meeting to gauge physician outlook on impact of new information on the treatment of multiple myeloma

-Survey sent to MDoutlook network of 12k verified and validated hematology treaters from over 37 countries

-This was an independently run MDoutlook activity; no honorarium provided

Lenalidomide Maintenance Therapy: Significant Increase Expected in Transplant Ineligible Patients

Key Conclusions

  • US respondents plan to increase lenalidomide maintenance therapy by 28% for their transplant ineligible patients, usage in post-transplant patients will decrease by 29%
  • Ex-US respondents plan to increase lenalidomide usage for transplant ineligible patients by 55% in the next 12 months, usage in post-transplant will increase by 11%

New Therapies: Both Carfilzomib and Filanesib Expect To Have Large Impact on the Treatment of Multiple Myeloma

Survey Question: Based on the reported data how impactful do you think carfilzomib and filanesib will be for patients with multiple myeloma? (Please rate 1=No impact to 5=Great impact)

Key Conclusions

  • Both US and Ex-US respondents rated the impact of carfilzomib higher than the impact of filanesib for the treatment of multiple myeloma patients
  • Filanesib impact rating is relatively high for a therapy in phase II clinical trials
  • Over 40% of US and Ex-US rated filanesib 4 or 5

For a more detailed analysis, please click here to download the full report.

Submitted by Jan Heybroek, President, Robert Stephan, Sr. Director Medical Services, and Luan Dao, Sr. Global Medical Analyst, MDoutlook
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