Please Explain: What is the Difference Between OBR daily and OBR intel?

What do I get with a subscription to OBR intel that I don’t already get with OBR daily?

OBR intel includes 7 main resources not available with the free OBR daily subscription service:

1. OBR Finance – our listing of oncology focused companies including streaming stock quotes and corporate profiles of the companies. Also included in OBR finance are financial indicators such as the OBR index, Cancer Patient Volume and Cancer Drug Dollar Volume (indicators brought to us by our partner IntrinsiQ), Top 5 Winners/Losers, and OBR Bulls and Bears.

2. Pipeline Online – this database of experimental oncology pipeline products is updated regularly, but the real value in Pipeline Online is that it is user friendly, meaning that you can search by tumor type, class, company, or product.

3. OBR Radar – this is our database of upcoming pivotal events in the oncology industry. In OBR Radar we include things like PDUFA dates, ODAC dates, expected Phase III clinical trial results, and anticipated approval dates. OBR Radar allows you to look forward at the events changing clinical practice and thus impacting on market dynamics.

4. Editorial Board Commentary – We have created an editorial board of world-renown oncologists that read OBR daily every day and provide their valuable insights as to how they interpret the news seen in OBR daily. You can view our current editorial board members here: We call it virtual access – being able to view the insights/analysis of our editorial board on the daily oncology news you see in OBR daily.

5. Pub Scan – We monitor 7 peer-reviewed oncology journals and provide you with excerpts and urls – according to your preferences – so you are up to date on the latest publications in your area of interest.

6. Access to the OBR intel dashboard where you can set your preferences, access our databases, and research historical news and publications in your specialty.

7. Plus you get to customize your daily news

But I love OBR daily and don’t want to lose it…

As a subscriber to OBR intel you still get a daily email from us. You don’t lose anything with OBR intel, in fact you get the same great content plus much more as described above.

So my daily email from OBR intel looks just like my current OBR daily?

Yes, except we’ve added:

1) a section so you get your customized news first and
2) a pub-scan section reviewing recent publications in peer-reviewed journals

Comparatively, it looks like this:

And how do I access these other resources?

Right there in OBR intel. The right hand column has links to all the OBR resources, including as much of the physician comments we could fit.

That is our push, but you can also access all the information in your OBR intel dashboard. This is where you set your preferences and access your widgets. Resources in the OBR dashboard include:

• Current and archived publications by interest area
• Current and archived news articles by interest area
• OBR Finance, OBR Radar, and Pipeline Online widgets
• OBR green
• Current and archived physician commentary

Quick, tell me why I need these other resources listed above?

Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. Depends on your role. But we call it OBR intel because there are most likely times when you want understand more about the drivers in this dynamic industry. Financial indicators tell of the health of the oncology industry, the pipeline is always interesting to review, OBR Radar is fun to review to see what’s coming, and our editorial board commentary offers unparalleled perspective.

OK, you convinced me. How does your price for a subscription compare to others?

As you know if you work in oncology, pricing is about value. We feel that given all the resources you’re gaining from a subscription to OBR intel, the value is there. We are charging $930 for an annual subscription, but we can also discuss bulk subscriptions for your company too.

How do I get started?

You can start two ways:

1) Go here to begin a 30 day trial
2) Get started right away with a subscription here

by Don Sharpe

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