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(Markets Insider) Apr 5, 2019 - Trovagene, Inc. today announced updated data following its presentation at the American Association for Cancer Research.
(ABC News/Associated Press) Apr 3, 2019 - Millions of people are surviving for years with cancers that have spread widely and are considered incurable, and there's a new push for more research on what it's like to live with the disease,...
(GenomeWeb) Apr 4, 2019 - Epigenetic therapies may help push solid tumors to be more responsive to other forms of treatment, according to speakers at this year's American Association for Cancer Research meeting here.
(BMS) Apr 2, 2019 - Bristol-Myers Squibb Company today announced results from pooled analyses of survival data from four studies (CheckMate -017, -057, -063 and -003; n=664) in patients with previously-treated advanced non-small cell lung...
(CNN) Apr 3, 2019 - Testing for cancer in blood, urine or even saliva: That approach has been called the "holy grail" for diagnosing the second leading cause of death in the world, and it has been fueling an area of research that continues...
(BioCentury) Apr 1, 2019 - FDA's Oncology Center of Excellence Director Richard Pazdur pressed representatives from companies with marketed PD-1/PD-L1 inhibitors to explain why they aren't collaborating more in the clinic while questioning...
(AACR 2019) Apr 2, 2019 - The experimental oncolytic adenovirus telomelysin (OBP-301) in combination with radiotherapy was safe and showed early clinical efficacy in vulnerable patients with esophageal cancer, according to results from a...
(BioPharma Dive) Apr 1, 2019 - Among the more than 2,600 clinical trials testing the most successful type of cancer immunotherapy, only 89, or about 3%, target pancreatic cancer, according to a new analysis unveiled Sunday by the nonprofit...
(Xconomy National) Apr 3, 2019 - The American Association for Cancer Research’s annual meeting is wrapping up in Atlanta today. The conference typically focuses on early research and clinical work, not the big trials that can change the...
(UCCC/Colorado Cancer Blogs) Apr 2, 2019 - Melanomas tend to be “hot” or “cold” – if they’re hot, immunotherapy lights melanoma tumors like beacons for elimination by the immune system; but 40-50 percent of melanomas are cold,...
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Sep 24
Cristina Suárez, MD, of @vallhebron offers opinion on whether the CheckMate 9ER trial is practice-changing #ESMO20 https://t.co/6m8UCjJPxE

Sep 24
Andrew Schmidt, MD, @dr_aschmidt of @DanaFarber regarding the COVID-19 and Cancer Outcomes Study (CCOS) presented a… https://t.co/tbmT0twPFA

Sep 24
Erika Hamilton, MD, @ErikaHamilton9 of @SarahCannonDocs regarding the Phase III monarchE trial presented at #ESMO20 https://t.co/AiqtvpEZ7u

Sep 24
Giuseppe Giaccone, PhD, MD, of @WeillCornell regarding the step 1 results of the Phase III ATALANTE-1 trial in NSCL… https://t.co/D5Su3qEkbb

Sep 24
Pasi A. Jänne, MD, PhD, of @DanaFarber shares data from #ESMO20 investigating mobocertinib https://t.co/idTloLVyBj

Sep 24
Maha Hussain, MD, of @LurieCancer provides perspective on the Phase III PROfound study presented at #ESMO20 https://t.co/NerWJUf67S

Aug 25
At the ASCO20 Virtual Education Program, Nilanjan Ghosh, MD, PhD, a hematologist-oncologist at the @LevineCancer, p… https://t.co/o2s69MGfrW

Aug 25
At the #ASCO20 Virtual Education Program, Jaleh Fallah @Jaleh_Fallah, MD, a Hematology/Oncology Fellow at the Cleve… https://t.co/QDkyebDuvp

Aug 25
The financial toxicity that patients and oncology practices are potentially exposed to due to the high costs associ… https://t.co/QA8A13PAGT

Aug 25
At separate #AACR and #COA virtual meetings held in July, participants discussed the challenges of providing cancer… https://t.co/8fs8SKl65a