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(ASCO in Action) July 23, 2020 - COVID-19 data collection efforts by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) were featured in three separate abstracts during the Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Virtual Meeting: COVID-19 and...
(MSK/In the News) July 24, 2020 - At the 2020 AACR Virtual Meeting: COVID-19 and Cancer the overarching message echoed throughout the meeting was that cancer is not going away during the COVID- 19 pandemic.
(AACR/Cancer Research Catalyst) July 23, 2020 - In the global battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, cancer researchers are proving to be formidable forces.
(Syapse) July 22, 2020 - Syapse® today announced results based on real-world data that were highlighted at the AACR Virtual Meeting on COVID-19 and Cancer.
(MSK/In the News) July 17, 2020 - Physician-in-Chief Lisa M. DeAngelis joins healthcare experts during the AACR Virtual Meeting: COVID-19 and Cancer to discuss how to safely bring patients to the clinic so they can receive vital cancer...
(Regulatory Focus) June 24, 2020 - Generic cytotoxic cancer drugs are a cornerstone of cancer therapy, but their labels may not reflect current best evidence regarding safety and effectiveness. Progress on a pilot FDA effort to...
(Regulatory Focus) June 23, 2020 - Those who conduct clinical trials are missing a broad swath of the US population, with implications that not only reach into issues of equity and justice, but may also limit the generalizability of study...
(University Health Network [Canada]) June 22, 2020 - A simple but highly sensitive blood test has been found to accurately diagnose and classify different types of brain tumours, resulting in more accurate diagnosis, less invasive methods...
(AACR) June 23, 2020 - Lipophilic statins, a type of medication commonly prescribed to lower blood cholesterol, were associated with reduced mortality in patients with ovarian cancer, according to a study presented at AACR Virtual II.
(AACR) June 23, 2020 - Data derived from a large real-world database showed that some U.S. patients with stage 3 melanoma receive adjuvant immunotherapy (immunotherapy after surgery), and those receiving adjuvant immunotherapy had improved...
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Apr 16
Early Impressions of IMpower010: What Might This Mean for Immunotherapy in Early-Stage Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer?… https://t.co/MwVpuqeCFN

Dec 06
Stephen Ansell, MD, PhD, of @MayoCancerCare on options for lymphoma patients who are refractory to CAR T-cell treat… https://t.co/0in19JpTFM

Dec 06
@TomBmt133 of @UCSFCancer considers the significance of the IKEMA study #ASH20 https://t.co/hPGQ0EeLgx

Dec 06
@MichaelDJain on immunotherapy treatment trends in the management of aggressive lymphomas @MoffittNews #ASH20 https://t.co/9XpyqMU0X3

Dec 06
Bhavana Bhatnagar, DO, regarding data on racial disparities in the treatment of AML from #ASH20 https://t.co/IWQOcPAupf

Sep 24
Cristina Suárez, MD, of @vallhebron offers opinion on whether the CheckMate 9ER trial is practice-changing #ESMO20 https://t.co/6m8UCjJPxE

Sep 24
Andrew Schmidt, MD, @dr_aschmidt of @DanaFarber regarding the COVID-19 and Cancer Outcomes Study (CCOS) presented a… https://t.co/tbmT0twPFA

Sep 24
Erika Hamilton, MD, @ErikaHamilton9 of @SarahCannonDocs regarding the Phase III monarchE trial presented at #ESMO20 https://t.co/AiqtvpEZ7u

Sep 24
Giuseppe Giaccone, PhD, MD, of @WeillCornell regarding the step 1 results of the Phase III ATALANTE-1 trial in NSCL… https://t.co/D5Su3qEkbb

Sep 24
Pasi A. Jänne, MD, PhD, of @DanaFarber shares data from #ESMO20 investigating mobocertinib https://t.co/idTloLVyBj