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CLL & Mantle Cell Lymphoma: Immediate Impact of 2014 ASCO Presentations on Clinical Practice

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Stephanie Hawthorne (Posted: July 08, 2014)


One of the key conclusions stated in this blog is "In the next three months, 37.9% of Del 17p patients and 28.4% of Del 11q patients are expected to be treated with Ibrutinib", but this is not what the data graph appears to show. The data graph seems to be reporting the distribution of all ibrutinib use across various patient segments (that's why it totals 100%). So shouldn't the conclusion be "of all ibrutinib use, 37.9% will be in Del 17p patients and 28.4% will be in Del 11q patients." I would have liked to see the total % of these patient segments who will receive ibrutinib (vs. other options), but from the data shown above it does not appear this can be calculated.



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