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Opinion: Trump’s Not A Doctor. He’s Only Playing One On TV. By Ezekiel J. Emanuel and Vinay Prasad

(Washington Post) Mar 23, 2020 - President Trump has been promoting chloroquine, an anti-malarial drug, as “a game changer” in combating the coronavirus, perhaps in combination with the antibiotic Azithromycin. “As the expression goes, ‘What do we have to lose?’ ” Trump asked during Saturday’s media briefing.

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H. Jack West, MD (Posted: March 24, 2020)


An excellent piece that highlights what the history of cancer research should be teaching the world about the concept that trying things with the thought that "they can't hurt", based on a "don't just stand there -- do something!" mentality are actually harmful and counterproductive, not only to broader society, but also to the people short-circuiting deliberate, appropriate research. And President Trump is unfortunately not helping by undermining thoughtful medical care and the cautious advice of the profoundly knowledgeable people like Dr. Fauci.



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