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Opinion: Pandemic Makes Expanding Medicaid Even More Vital For Cancer Patients

(The Tennessean) June 5, 2020 - The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unexpected financial hardships and reduced hospital capacity for cancer screenings and treatment.

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Thomas Marsland, MD (Posted: June 16, 2020)


I actually enjoyed the experience. I certainly missed mingling with friends and colleagues. Also missed the Chicago experience. However as an educational experience, I felt it more than met my needs. I was able to "attend" the presentations I wanted and didn't have to run through crowded halls to make a lecture and miss others I wanted to hear that happened to be scheduled at the same time. I was able to hear the presentations and see the slides in the comfort of my own home (also while enjoying a fine red wine...) I hope we are all back together in person in Chicago but I think ASCO did a really good job with this meeting in a relatively short time frame. Kudos.



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