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CVS Health Collaborates With Cancer Treatment Centers of America to Provide In-Home Chemotherapy

(CVS Health) Jan 12, 2021 - Coram, CVS Health’s infusion care business, will administer cancer treatment at home for eligible CTCA patients. Home-based chemotherapy is a convenient, accessible way to help avoid unnecessary risk or exposure to COVID-19 from inpatient or in-office cancer care.

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Thomas Marsland, MD (Posted: January 13, 2021)


Hmmm, another nail in the coffin of community based cancer care???? I am never happy to see "corporate" organizations jumping into the driver's seat of clinical care. Although I am a capitalist at heart and not against profit, I think that when large companies take over, profits may drive treatment decisions with a big lack of transparency. Are we recreating all the problems and issues that we are experiencing with the PBM's? In this system being proposed, where and what is the role of the community oncologist? Coram can provide services to 97% of the cancer community, but does that mean that CTCA will be taking care of 97% of all cancer care. As has been discussed in numerous other forums, home chemotherapy MAY be appropriate in certain select settings, but clearly it is not appropriate for many patients. Issues of training, monitoring, safety, handling of toxic compounds, are all factor complicating home infusions... As has been said many times, care is best left to the patients and treating physicians, including site of infusions...Thanks for letting me rant...



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