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Crowdsourced AI Learns To Target Lung Tumors For Radiation

(Reuters Health) Apr 18, 2019 - In many parts of the world there are not enough radiation oncologists to design and deliver radiation treatments for lung cancer patients, but that gap could one day be filled with the help of artificial intelligence, researchers suggest in a new study. In a novel approach to the problem, the authors turned to crowdsourcing to help them develop a computer algorithm that would take over some of the duties of an experienced radiation oncologist.

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Many Young Cancer Patients Regret Initial Treatment Decisions

(Reuters Health) Apr 18, 2019 - Most teens and young adults with cancer want a voice in how their tumors are treated, but almost one in four express regret about the initial treatment decisions made, a small study suggests. Researchers surveyed 203 cancer patients, ages 15 to 29, within six weeks of their diagnosis to ask about their decision-making preferences and experiences. They checked back with these young patients again after four months and one year to see if their feelings about treatment decisions changed over time.

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May 14, 2019: Meeting of the Oncologic Drugs Advisory Committee Meeting Announcement

(FDA.gov) Apr 10, 2019 - During the morning session, the committee will discuss new drug application (NDA) 211810 for pexidartinib capsule, submitted by Daiichi Sankyo, Inc. The proposed indication (use) for this product is for the treatment of adult patients with symptomatic tenosynovial giant cell tumor also referred to as giant cell tumor of the tendon sheath or pigmented villonodular synovitis, which is associated with severe morbidity or functional limitations, and which is not amenable to improvement with surgery.

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Oncology Clinical News

Chemotherapy Conundrum

(Harvard Medical School) Apr 16, 2019 - Rare gene variants linked to risk of developing cardiomyopathy from cancer therapy.

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Cleveland Clinic Study Compares Colonoscopy Polyp Detection Rates and Endoscopist Characteristics

(Cleveland Clinic) Apr 17, 2019 - Previous research has suggested that specific factors about the doctor performing colonoscopy – for example, a gastroenterologist versus a surgeon, female versus male – were associated with different rates of detection of precancerous polyps.

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Making Digital Tissue Imaging Better

(Case Western Reserve) Apr 18, 2019 - A low-tech problem troubles the high-tech world of digital pathology imaging: There are no reliable standards for the quality of digitized tissue slides comprising the source material for computers reading and analyzing vast numbers of images.

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Oncology Business and Policy News

J&J Tries to Use Supplier’s Bankruptcy to Gather Talc Suits

(Bloomberg) Apr 18, 2019 - Johnson & Johnson wants a federal judge to take over more than 2,000 baby-powder lawsuits it faces instead of allowing the cases to be heard by state-court juries, where the company has a mixed record.

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GSK Makes Cuts as It Implements New R&D Focus on Oncology, Immunology and Genetics

(BioSpace) Apr 18, 2019 - Since GSK initiated this new focus, the company has made several key moves to support the plan, including the December 2018 acquisition of Tesaro Oncology.

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Rethinking the Use of Real-World Evidence to Improve Policy Decisions

(AJMC Managed Markets Network) Apr 19, 2019 - Observational studies using real-world evidence (RWE) provide significant opportunities to gain insight into treatment patterns and outcomes in clinical practice.

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Firefighters with Cancer Tell Emotional Stories As Benefits Bill Passes Unanimously

(Miami Herald) Apr 18, 2019 - The committee bill PCB SAC 19-04 would establish cancer as an occupational hazard tied to firefighting and require full health insurance coverage for cancer for firefighters.

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Broader Healthcare and Pharma News

HHS Launches Program To Cut Opioid Overdoses By 40 Percent In Three Years

(Washington Post) Apr 18, 2019 - The Trump administration announced an ambitious program Thursday to reduce deaths from opioid overdoses by 40 percent over three years in hard-hit communities across several states.

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Mitch McConnell Will Introduce Bill to Raise Age to Buy Tobacco to 21

(Fortune) Apr 18, 2019 - The bill, if approved, would also cover vaping devices.

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Pfizer, Lilly Release Top-Line Results From Phase 3 Study of Tanezumab for Osteoarthritis

(Morningstar/Dow Jones Newswires) Apr 18, 2019 - Pharmaceutical companies Pfizer Inc. and Eli Lilly and Company on Thursday released top-line results from a Phase 3 study of tanezumab 2.5 mg and 5 mg.

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New Genetic 'Score' Can Predict Risk For Obesity, Study Says

(WBUR) Apr 18, 2019 - A new study takes aim at one of the root causes of the obesity epidemic: our genes.

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‘I Want What My Male Colleague Has, and That Will Cost a Few Million Dollars’

(New York Times Magazine) Apr 18, 2019 - Women at the Salk Institute say they faced a culture of marginalization and hostility. The numbers from other elite scientific institutions suggest they’re not alone.

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