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Surgery May Benefit Some With Early Prostate Cancer: Study

(U.S. News & World Report/HealthDay News) Dec 12, 2018 - For certain men with early prostate cancer, choosing surgery over "watchful waiting" may add a few years to their lives, a new study suggests. European researchers found that among nearly 700 men with earlier-stage prostate cancer, those who received surgery to remove the gland lived three years longer, on average, than those assigned to watchful waiting. However, experts had major caveats about the study, which followed men who were treated for prostate cancer 20 to 30 years ago.

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Excess Body Weight Responsible For 4% Of Cancers Worldwide, Study Says

(CNN) Dec 12, 2018 - Excess body weight was responsible for 3.9% of cancer globally, or 544,300 cases, in 2012, according to a new report. The new report also highlights a relationship between obesity and the risk of 13 cancers. "Despite numerous studies on the health effects of overweight/obesity (excess body weight), the message has not been well disseminated. In particular, not many people are aware of the link of overweight/obesity to cancer risk," Hyuna Sung, one of the report's authors and a principal scientist at the American Cancer Society, wrote in an email.

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Fetal Tissue Research Targeted by Abortion Foes Inside Administration

(Washington Post) Dec 12, 2018 - Two years into an administration that describes itself as “pro-life and pro-science,” the use of fetal tissue in scientific research has become the next skirmish in the nation’s half-century-old abortion wars. This time, however, scientists who depend on cells from aborted human fetuses face not just a cadre of determined antiabortion activists but sympathetic officials within the government itself, from Vice President Pence to key officials in the Department of Health and Human Services. At stake is critical federal funding for research into diseases that range from HIV to cancer to Zika, vaccine production and treatment for maladies such as Parkinson’s disease.

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Oncology Clinical News

Additional Illnesses Hurt Survival Chances For Missouri Breast Cancer Patients, Study Finds

(KCUR 89.3 [Kansas City, MO]) Dec 12, 2018 - There’s growing evidence that women diagnosed with breast cancer who have co-existing conditions like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease have a considerably worse prognosis. Providers and policymakers don’t always take those other conditions into account when devising strategies to counter breast cancer.

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Cancer Patients Face Higher Risk for Shingles, New Vaccines Hold Promise for Prevention

(IDSA) Dec 13, 2018 - People newly diagnosed with cancer, particularly blood cancers, and those treated with chemotherapy have a greater risk of developing shingles, according to a new study in the Journal of Infectious Diseases.

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Why Every Pancreatic Cancer Patient Should Consider Genetic Testing

(Michigan Health) Dec 12, 2018 - An expert panel finds an inherited risk in 1 in 10 pancreatic cancer cases, leading to new recommendations advising all patients to consider genetic screening.

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Bevacizumab Biosimilar, IBI305, Meets Primary End Points in 2 Clinical Trials

(The Center for Biosimilars) Dec 13, 2018 - Chinese biologics developer Innovent has announced that its proposed bevacizumab candidate, IBI305, has met its primary end points in 2 randomized, head-to-head clinical trials that compared the biosimilar to the brand-name bevacizumab (Avastin).

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IMV Inc. Presents Updated Positive Data From Phase 1b/2 Combination Clinical Trial in Advanced Ovarian Cancer at 2018 ESMO Immuno-Oncology Congress

(Markets Insider) Dec 13, 2018 - IMV Inc. today announced that investigators shared new positive data from the company’s ongoing DeCidE1 (DPX-Survivac with low dose CyclophosphamIDe and Epacadostat) clinical trial at the 2018 ESMO Immuno-Oncology Congress.

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Aptevo Therapeutics Doses First Patient in Phase 1/1b Clinical Trial of Lead Next-Generation Bispecific Antibody APVO436

(MarketWatch) Dec 13, 2018 - Aptevo Therapeutics Inc. announced today that the first patient has been dosed in a Phase 1/1b clinical trial of APVO436, a novel anti-CD123 by anti-CD3 bispecific antibody based on Aptevo’s ADAPTIR™ technology, which is being developed for the treatment of patients with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) and High-Grade Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS).

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Oncology Business and Policy News

Research Highlights from the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium 2018

(AACR Blog) Dec 12, 2018 - The 41st San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, held Dec. 4-8, drew more than 7,500 attendees from more than 90 countries.

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NCCN Updates Guideline for AML Treatment Induction, Post-Remission Therapy

(Journal of Clinical Pathways) Dec 13, 2018 - The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) issued new guideline updates for older patients (aged at least 60 years) with acute myeloid leukemia (AML).

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Changes in Oncology Trials Design After Initiation of Patient Accrual

(ESMO) Dec 12, 2018 - In a research letter published on 6 December 2018 in the JAMA Oncology, Eitan Amir and colleagues alerted on changes in trials design upon the onset of patient accrual.

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International Patients, Seeking Cures in the States

(New York Times/Doctors) Dec 13, 2018 - Are they taking up beds that could be used for vulnerable domestic patients or are they bringing money that could be used toward other programs?

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Dragonfly Therapeutics Announces Celgene In-license of First Two TriNKET™ Immunotherapy Drug Candidates

(The Business Journals) Dec 13, 2018 - Celgene licenses two TriNKET™ immunotherapy drug candidates built by Dragonfly for $24m plus milestones and royalties.

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Fred Hutch Partners With New Allen Institute For Immunology

(Fred Hutch) Dec 12, 2018 - Researchers from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center will partner with the new Allen Institute for Immunology to chart the human immune system by harnessing big data and emerging technologies.

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Meetings Held With FDA Support Mesoblast’s Planned Regulatory Filing for Commercialization of Remestemcel-L in Acute GVHD

(MarketWatch) Dec 13, 2018 - Mesoblast Limited today announced that recent meetings held with the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) support its planned regulatory filing for commercialization of remestemcel-L in pediatric patients with steroid refractory acute graft versus host disease (aGVHD).

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Broader Healthcare and Pharma News

For The Asking, A Check Is In The Mail To Help Pay For Costly Drugs

(KHN) Dec 13, 2018 - It’s a little-known secret that patients can get thousands of dollars directly from a drugmaker.

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A Doctor Explains Why Gut Health Is As Important As Heart Health

(Boston Globe) Dec 12, 2018 - We’ve long been obsessed with our heart health. Now it’s time to pay more attention to our digestive system.

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Christmas Is a Peak Time for Heart Attacks

(New York Times) Dec 12, 2018 - In Sweden, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day were prime times for heart troubles.

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Apple Now Has Dozens Of Doctors On Staff, Showing It's Serious About Health Tech

(CNBC) Dec 12, 2018 - Apple has dozens of medical doctors working across its various teams, say two people familiar with the company's hiring, showing how serious it is about health tech.

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