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March 2021 Edition | Vol. , Issue

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Featured Articles

At 2021 ASCO GU, big trials like CLEAR, CHECKMATE 274 and EV-301 in renal cell carcinoma and bladder cancer moved the needle on the treatment of challenging urologic cancers. Dive into OBR's wrap-up of some of the most important clinical data from GU21.

Burnout among oncology clinicians has been exacerbated by increased stressors from the pandemic. We look at the causes and effects of this pervasive problem, and find out how ASCO is stepping up to alleviate practice burnout among cancer providers.

At WCLC 2020, the news from Amgen's CodebreaK 100 study was among the pivotal studies showing the great strides being made in lung cancer due to precision medicine. Not every study was a win though - read on to learn more about both the positive and the negative data.

In case you missed these articles from the previous issue...

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