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455 Mission Bay Boulevard South
San Francisco, CA 94158

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Nektar Therapeutics is a leading biopharmaceutical company developing a robust pipeline of novel therapeutics based on its advanced polymer conjugate chemistry technology platform. Nektar also partners with the top biopharmaceutical companies to bring new products to market. To date, Nektar's technology and drug development expertise have enabled nine approved products for partners, which include leading biopharmaceutical companies.


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Brand / Product Class Area of Study Phase Partnership
etirinotecan pegoltopoisomerase I-inhibitor (Topo I)Brain MetastasesIII
PEGPH20hyaluronan (HA) inhibitorPancreatic cancerIIIHalozyme
Onzeald™ / etirinotecan pegoltopoisomerase I-inhibitor (Topo I)Breast cancerIII
PEGPH20 (+ pembrolizumab)hyaluronan (HA) inhibitorGastric cancerI
NKTR-214 (+nivolumab)immunotherapyMelanomaIBristol Myers-Squibb
NKTR-214 (+nivolumab)immunotherapyNon Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)IBristol Myers-Squibb
NKTR-214 (+nivolumab)immunotherapyRenal cell carcinoma (RCC)IBristol Myers-Squibb
NKTR-214immunotherapyVarious cancer typesI

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Recent News Headlines

Bristol, Nektar Research Pact Aims to Boost Efficacy of Cancer Immunotherapy

9/27/2016 03:34 pm

(TheStreet) Sept 27, 2016 - A series of clinical trials will test the combination of Bristol-Myers Squibb's Opdivo with Nektar's NKTR-214 in multiple tumor types.

Nektar Therapeutics and Daiichi Sankyo Europe GmbH Sign European Licensing Agreement for ONZEALD™ (etirinotecan pegol), an Investigational Drug Candidate Being Developed to Treat Patients with Advanced Breast Cancer and Brain Metastases

6/1/2016 04:46 pm

(Nektar) June 1, 2016 - Nektar Therapeutics today announced that it has entered into an agreement with Daiichi Sankyo Europe for Nektar’s investigational drug therapy, ONZEALD (etirinotecan pegol, NKTR-102), which has completed a Phase 3 clinical trial (the BEACON study) in patients with advanced breast cancer.

PapGene Lands $2.3M Federal Grant To Advance Ovarian Cancer Test

2/5/2016 12:01 pm

(Baltimore Business Journal) Feb 4, 2016 - Baltimore’s PapGene Inc. has been awarded a federal grant worth up to $2.3 million to put toward further development of its ovarian cancer test.

OXiGENE Says FDA Approved Protocol for Phase 2/3 Study of CA4P for Treatment of Platinum-Resistant Ovarian Cancer

2/3/2016 11:04 am

(StreetInsider) Feb 3, 2016 - FOCUS will test whether CA4P, the company’s lead investigational drug, improves progression-free survival (PFS) when combined with bevacizumab (Avastin®) and chemotherapy.

Congress Passes Legislation Allowing CMS to Expedite Stage 2 Meaningful Use Hardship Exemption Applications

2/2/2016 12:01 pm

(ASCO in Action) Feb 1, 2016 - UPDATE: The AMA is encouraging all physicians subject to the 2015 Medicare Meaningful Use program to apply for the hardship and has provided a fact sheet with application instructions.

Skyrocketing Drug Prices Leave Cures Out of Reach for Some Patients

1/7/2016 12:01 pm

(USA Today) Jan 6, 2016 - Sophisticated drugs are opening the door, scientists say, to an era of "precision medicine." They're also ushering in an age of astronomical prices.

J&J Signs Deal With Chinese Company for Hepatitis B Drug

1/7/2016 12:01 pm

(Reuters) Jan 7, 2016 - Johnson & Johnson on Thursday said it licensed rights from a Chinese drugmaker to drugs that spur the immune system to help fight diseases, which it hopes will become a key part of a cure for chronic hepatitis B.

MD Anderson and Kymab Announce Research and Development Strategic Partnership in Immuno-Oncology

1/7/2016 12:00 pm

(MD Anderson) Jan 7, 2016 - Kymab, a leading human monoclonal antibody biopharmaceutical company, and The University of Texas MD Anderson Oncology Research for Biologics and Immunotherapy Translation (ORBIT) unit today announced a strategic cancer drug discovery and development alliance.

Kite Pharma Expands Its Clinical and Research Partnership With the National Cancer Institute (NCI) for Next-Generation CAR Programs to Treat B-Cell Malignancies

1/7/2016 12:00 pm

(Kite) Jan 7, 2016 - Kite Pharma, Inc. today announced that it has entered into a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the NCI for the research and clinical development of a fully human anti-CD19 chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) product candidate for the treatment of B-cell lymphomas and leukemias.

Biodesix' GeneStrat Blood-Based Mutation Test Now Includes EML4-ALK Fusions

1/7/2016 12:00 pm

(Biodesix) Jan 7, 2016 - GeneStrat blood-based mutation testing for advanced lung cancer offers significant advantages for patients and their treating physicians over standard tissue testing, which can delay treatment and increase patient risk due to complications from an invasive biopsy.

Merck and Biocartis to Collaborate on New Liquid Biopsy Technology for RAS Biomarker Testing

1/7/2016 12:00 pm

(Yahoo! Finance) Jan 7, 2016 - Merck, a leading science and technology company, today announced that it has signed a collaboration agreement with Biocartis for the development and commercialization of a new liquid biopsy RAS biomarker test for patients with metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC).

Biocept Launches Blood-based Test for Prostate Cancer and Expands Offering in Breast Cancer

1/7/2016 12:00 pm

(StreetInsider) Jan 7, 2016 - Introduction of blood-based assay to detect androgen receptor expression builds on leading position in detecting and monitoring cancer through liquid biopsy.

With $100M, Guardant Health to Expand Reach of Blood Test for Cancer

1/7/2016 12:00 pm

(Xconomy San Francisco) Jan 7, 2016 - We've all heard that dust is at least partly made up of dead skin cells. However true or untrue that may be, living tissue that is growing rapidly, such as a cancerous solid tumor, does indeed shed dead cells.

Dana-Farber Spinout Grabs $73M, Plus Big Roche Deal, to Craft New Class of Cancer Drugs

1/7/2016 12:00 pm

(Forbes) Jan 7, 2016 - Billions of dollars have been made from cancer drugs that inhibit the ubiquitin-proteasome system, otherwise known as the cellular garbage dump.

ASCO Urges CMS to Maintain Current Reimbursement Levels for Chemotherapy Administration

1/7/2016 12:00 pm

(ASCO in Action) Jan 6, 2016 - On Dec. 29, 2015, ASCO submitted comments to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) regarding the 2016 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS) final rule published in the Federal Register on Nov. 16.

ASCO Meets with Vice President's Office to Help Inform "Moon Shot" Initiative

1/7/2016 12:00 pm

(ASCO in Action) Jan 6, 2016 - On January 6, 2016, ASCO officials met with Joe Biden's key staff to provide the society's support and guidance for the Vice President's call for an all-out push to cure cancer.

Who's Mad About The New Dietary Guidelines? Cancer Experts, for One

1/7/2016 12:00 pm

(NBC News) Jan 7, 2016 - The U.S. government's latest eating guidelines came out Thursday — only to be greeted with the usual accusations that they go too far, or don't go far enough, or leave out something important.

ERYTECH Announces Third DSMB Safety Review and Continuation of Its Phase 2b Study in Acute Myeloid Leukemia

1/7/2016 11:04 am

(TheStreet) Jan 6, 2016 - ERYTECH announces that an independent Data and Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) completed its third safety assessment of the company’s Phase 2b ENFORCE 1 study in acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and that enrollment will continue until completion.

Celsion Reports Translational Research Data from its Phase 1b Study of GEN-1 Immunotherapy in Recurrent Ovarian Cancer

1/7/2016 11:04 am

(Celsion) Jan 7, 2016 - Celsion Corporation, today announced new translational data from its Phase 1b study of GEN-1 in patients with platinum-resistant ovarian cancer.

Coalition of Physicians and Patient Groups Rally in Response to USPSTF Call for Feedback on Draft Research Plan for Prostate Cancer Screening

1/7/2016 11:04 am

(AUA) Jan 6, 2016 - In response to specific questions outlined by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF), a coalition of physicians and patient groups provided comments in response to a call for feedback on the USPSTF’s Draft Research Plan for Prostate Cancer: Screening.

Nektar Announces First Patient Dosed in Phase 1/2 Clinical Study of NKTR-214, a CD122-Biased Immune-Stimulatory Cytokine

12/9/2015 07:44 pm

(TheStreet) Dec 8, 2015 - Nektar Therapeutics today announced that dosing has commenced in the Phase 1/2 clinical study evaluating the efficacy and safety of NKTR-214 in the treatment of solid tumors.

Free Program Provides Information and Resources to Help Employers Support Employees Facing Cancer

6/30/2015 12:01 pm

(Morningstar) June 30, 2015 - Individuals faced with a medical diagnosis often experience a variety of feelings and emotions as they try to integrate their personal and work lives.

Nektar and MD Anderson Cancer Center Announce Phase 1/2 Clinical Research Collaboration for NKTR-214, a CD122-Biased Immuno-Stimulatory Cytokine

6/3/2015 04:39 pm

(Yahoo! Finance) June 2, 2015 - Nektar Therapeutics and The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center today announced a research collaboration that includes a Phase 1/2 clinical study to evaluate NKTR-214, a CD122-biased cytokine designed to preferentially stimulate production of CD8-positive T cells, which are tumor killing cells found naturally in the body.

Nektar Drug Fails Late-stage Study in Breast Cancer Patients

3/18/2015 04:39 pm

(Reuters) Mar 17, 2015 - Nektar Therapeutics said its experimental drug failed to meet the main goal in previously treated patients with advanced breast cancer in a late-stage study.

Nektar Therapeutics Reports Phase 3 BEACON Missed Primary Endpoint

3/18/2015 12:12 pm

(StreetInsider) Mar 17, 2015 - Nektar Therapeutics announced topline results from its Phase 3 BEACON study evaluating single-agent NKTR-102 in patients with advanced breast cancer.

Novartis Lung Cancer Drug Zykadia® Recommended for EU Approval in Patients with ALK+ NSCLC Previously Treated with Crizotinib

2/27/2015 07:02 am

(Novartis) Feb 27, 2015 - Novartis announced today that the Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) of the European Medicines Agency adopted a positive opinion for Zykadia® (ceritinib) to treat adult patients with anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK)-positive advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) previously treated with crizotinib.

Nektar Presents Data on Target-Specific Biomarkers From Circulating Tumor Cell Sub-Study of Phase 3 BEACON Study of Etirinotecan Pegol (NKTR-102) in Patients With Advanced Breast Cancer

12/12/2014 08:38 pm

(Morningstar Advisor) Dec 11, 2014 - Nektar Therapeutics today presented biomarker data from a sub-study of the Phase 3 BEACON study of etirinotecan pegol (NKTR-102) which collected and analyzed circulating tumor cell (CTC) samples from patients in the study.

Nektar Anticipates a Big Payday

9/17/2014 05:22 pm

(San Francisco Chronicle) Sept 16, 2014 - Nektar Therapeutics in San Francisco is anticipating big paydays from its partner AstraZeneca after a treatment they co-developed won approval Tuesday for opioid-induced constipation.

Nektar Presents Positive Preclinical Data for NKTR-214, a Novel Cancer Immunotherapy, at 50th ASCO Meeting

6/1/2014 11:50 pm

(Morningstar Advisor) June 1, 2014 - Nektar Therapeutics announced positive preclinical data for NKTR-214, a new investigational cancer immunotherapy which selectively activates the IL-2 receptor complex and is being developed as a potential treatment for multiple cancers.

Nektar Presents Positive Preclinical Data for NKTR-214, a Novel Cancer Immunotherapy, at 50th ASCO Meeting

6/1/2014 01:05 pm

(Morningstar Advisor) June 1, 2014 - Nektar Therapeutics announced positive preclinical data for NKTR-214, a new investigational cancer immunotherapy which selectively activates the IL-2 receptor complex and is being developed as a potential treatment for multiple cancers.

Positive Data from Phase 2 Trial of NKTR-102 in Patients with Avastin-Refractory High-Grade Glioma Presented at 50th ASCO Meeting

5/31/2014 12:04 pm

(MarketWatch) May 31, 2014 - Nektar Therapeutics announced today new data from an investigator-sponsored Phase 2 study of NKTR-102 (etirinotecan pegol) in patients with Avastin-refractory high-grade glioma conducted at Stanford Cancer Institute under the direction of Lawrence Recht, M.D., Professor of Neurology and Neurosurgery, with co-investigator Seema Nagpal, M.D., Clinical Assistant Professor of Neurology and Neurological Sciences, Stanford School of Medicine.

Nektar Reports Positive Preclinical Data for Two Oncology Programs at 2014 AACR

4/9/2014 05:23 pm

(MarketWatch) Apr 9, 2014 - Nektar Therapeutics today announced that preclinical data for NKTR-102 and NKTR-214 were presented at the 2014 AACR Annual Meeting.

Nektar Reports Positive Preclinical Data for Two Oncology Programs at 2014 AACR

4/9/2014 12:02 pm

(MarketWatch) Apr 9, 2014 - Nektar Therapeutics today announced that preclinical data for NKTR-102 and NKTR-214 were presented at the 2014 AACR Annual Meeting.

Monmouth Hematology Oncology Associates Joins Barnabas Health Medical Group

2/7/2014 12:00 pm

(Asbury Park Press) Feb 6, 2014 - Monmouth Hematology Oncology Associates recently announced it has joined Barnabas Health Medical Group, part of Barnabas Health, the largest not-for-profit integrated health care delivery system in New Jersey and one of the largest in the nation.

Letters: Super Bowl Against Cancer Needs Rules, Referees, Too

2/7/2014 12:00 pm

(Wall Street Journal) Feb 6, 2014 - John C. Lechleiter demonstrates a misunderstanding of football as he tries to draw analogies between winning the Super Bowl and winning the fight against cancer ("How to Win the Super Bowl Against Cancer," op-ed, Feb. 4).